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Taurus mentors the winners of the Kochies Business Builders competition!

This week, the Taurus team held a winning strategy session with two very excited ladies, Rachel and Erin founders of Just Mums, a Melbourne based, multi-service recruitment agency looking to assist mums make their way back into the workforce. JustMums are the winners of this years annual KBB competition for which Taurus had donated a marketing strategy worth $20k with CEO Sharon Williams and the team.
The session kicked off with a fun warm-up session and some personal stories exchanged and then straight into several discussions.
Erin and Rachel shared with us their story and how they are currently working on an improved version of their website. They wanted help on how best to grow their business.
As Sharon and the two women traded stories on their lives as women in the workforce and fellow entrepreneurs, I took away four learnings:

Look after number 1
A main theme was to look after yourself and your family because if you don’t the whole business falls down. A favourite quote was that today’s unfinished work can be completed tomorrow (unless its life or death!). Bringing your work into your personal lives and vice versa too much will only drag you and your business down. Learn to delegate and don’t try to do everything yourself

Giving back reaps return
The number of youngsters and volunteers who are seeking employment each year continues to grow at a rapid rate. Bringing these people into your organisation to help them get employment with relevant work experience or projects, gives you the ability to receive refreshing, innovative input that may be a crucial part in building a competitive advantage. Invest in your intern programs to help others and you will receive benefits in return.

Looking professional at all times does have an impact
People buy people so although it might seem like a small issue, having professional, real photos of you placed on your Website has significant impact on how people view your business. Stock images are not a great option if you are in professional services. Not only will you improve your reputation, you are provided with the chance to grow your personal brand.
‘Women in the workforce’ still has a long way to go
Countless companies are now promoting the fact that they have a diverse workforce – but how many of them are actually doing what they say? JustMums is working towards revealing the value of having a diverse workforce on board.


Written by Nasya Hartono (Intern at Taurus)

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