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Taurus Social© advises you on every aspect of your social media presence, evaluates your brand against industry, what works, what to steer clear of, how to maintain momentum, stay relevant and cut through.

If you’re in business, whether you realise it or not your brand is being searched, discussed, reviewed and communicated online through social networks 24/7. It’s better to be at the social media table than ‘not invited at all’ and we can show you how.

As the world becomes more interconnected, social media consumption has greatly increased. It is rare not be attached to our devices for a moment and consuming information and news from social media is more mainstream than ever.

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“I appreciate the Taurus team proactiveness, creative ideas as well as the local perspective. We always have great discussions to get the best campaign results as well as best customer engagement in mind. Thanks Taurus team!”
Elle Cheng, Marketing Manager Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions
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Taurus Social© – social media strategy, intelligence and engagement

We cut through the hype and jargon and show you how to define an appropriate strategy and utilise social media tools to fulfil your business objectives. Taurus Social helps you put a strategy and tactical plan around your social media content, monitoring, reputation management and engagement.

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Our expertise

Taurus Social is our proven specialist service that focuses on the best use of social media tools for you personally, your business or industry.

We have global experience and client examples to reference from individuals to NFP’s, B2B and B2C corporates and major ASX listed companies.

Client services outcome

Jesus. All about life – Consumer

“Without the PR element I don’t believe the campaign would have been such a success. It supported the TV adverts and viral campaign perfectly. Taurus worked outside their brief providing advice on and pro-actively supporting events and activities outside the campaign, leveraging ambassador support and actively raising the profile of the campaign’s key spokespeople. With the whole team engaged and on board, the campaign was a success from beginning to end.”
Daniel Willis, Former Bible Society CEO
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Jesus. All about life – Consumer

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