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Great design cuts through

As the business world continues to evolve, so does the way companies need to market themselves to be most effective in today’s competitive landscape. Branding is critical to stay current on how to advance your company’s brand image to reflect the present needs and changing expectations of customers.

At Taurus we work with you to determine the best ‘look and feel’ for your business. A logo creates the first impression of your organisation and says a lot about your brand. We start by identifying your business’ key messages and core values. We then develop a logo, brand image and style guide for your company to express its corporate culture and reinforce its identity with maximum impact.

Advertising can be powerful – if it cuts through all the clutter. Great design builds brands.

Corporate identity

Great design builds brands. The Taurus style is clean, corporate, and slick, reflecting modern cutting–edge flair as well as your business objectives. We are passionate about design that cuts through to serve, promote and build your business.

From logos, to websites, online and interactive, newsletters, webinars, brochures, adverts, case studies, sales promotion, style guides, packaging, and virtual collateral we have in-house designers to help you optimise customer experience and get the best results.

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Great branding

The benefits of great branding

Strong branding helps you:

Great Design is a pleasure

The Taurus style from our award-winning design team is clean, smart, corporate and slick reflecting modern cutting edge style as well as meeting business growth objectives. We work with you to determine the best ‘look’ for your business and start by identifying your key messages and values. We then develop a logo, brand, digital image and style guide. We are passionate about design that ‘’cuts through’’ to serve, promote and build your business in the most memorable way possible.

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Taurus are experts at producing engaging and impactful advertising that cuts through to ensure your brand becomes top of mind in your potential customer’s eyes. 

Whether it’s brand advertising you’re after or a more direct response style of advertisement to activate incoming enquiries, Taurus is experienced in creating tailored ads for print and online publications.

We can also assist you with the copywriting of your advertisement to ensure maximum cut through.


Websites that meet business goals excite us. Working closely with you, we start by auditing your existing online presence and identifying your key online audiences. Employing our in-house expertise and tools such as design, content strategies, marketing expertise and SEO advice, we assure an increased awareness of your business. 

Taurus offers:

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

To ensure the greatest success in the online sphere, Taurus offers integrated campaigns to make sure your business is effectively communicating with its online audiences.

We can help you with:

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