Fast-tracking careers is our passion

At Taurus, we are passionate about training and mentoring young people and have helped over 500 young graduates find employment either with us or with others, over the past 25 years.

TaurusAcademy© programs

Taurus offers two programs under our TaurusAcademy©: A three-months TaurusAcademy© Intern Program and a two-years TaurusFastTrack© Graduate Program.
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Gain Exposure

As a Taurus intern, not only will you gain real agency and integrated industry experience across multiple PR and Marketing field but you will be well versed in the running of a business, and entrepreneurship, Taurus is a warm, no-nonsense culture operating on the highest standards.

Boost Employability

The aim of our TaurusAcademy© programs is to offer you work experience and increase your chance of employment.

Develop Skills

If you’re passionate about communications, PR, marketing, social media and entrepreneurship, we invite you to experience the Taurus way! We will develop your ‘can do’ attitude and smart, inquisitive quick thinking and provide you with an opportunity for accelerated learning from the CEO and team of experienced execs.


Three months internship program for students and graduates

Our TaurusAcademy© internship program aims to give you work experience to increase your chance of employment. We hope you may end up working with us, but if you don’t, we know we will have constructively helped you reach your career goals and you will be better for the experience with us.

Our intern program offers a unique and practical opportunity to graduates interested in gaining work experience so you can eventually work in the comms industry. Successful applicants are provided with exposure to running a business, Entrepreneurship, Operations, PR, Strategy, Investor Relations, Government Relations, Digital, Social media and Marketing in a warm, no non-sense culture founded on the highest standards.

Taurus has mentored over 500 amazing graduates through an initial 3-month program taking a hands-on approach to learning and skills training. The program provides you with an intro to the fundamentals of agency work and running a business from the CEO and our proven and experienced senior executives and others who have entered into full-time employment from our intern program. If you are successful in this program, there’s a chance for you also to be offered a permanent part-time role on our TaurusFastTrack© Graduate Training Program.

Here are some things our interns have to say about our internship program TaurusFastTrack©:

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Graduate Training Program – Two-years upskilling program for graduates

f you are smart, inquisitive and quick thinking and have a ‘can-do’ attitude, attention to detail and are beautifully presented, well-organised with a bright personality, we‘d be delighted to offer you the opportunity to work with a close, award-winning team. We will reward your eagerness to learn by inviting you to participate in all aspects of the Taurus culture and provide you with glowing references to help you on your way.

If you get through our friendly interview sequence and join Taurus, you will be well versed in the running of a business, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Operations, Investor Relations, Government Relations, PR, Digital, Social media and Marketing in a warm, no non-sense culture founded on the highest standards. Areas covered are wide-ranging including business development, office administration, business finance, account management and customer service.

If Taurus sounds like the right place for you, please submit your details, resume and a short comment of no more than 500 words as to why you want to join our 3-months TaurusAcademy© Internship program or 2-years TaurusFastTrack© Graduate Training Program via our contact form below.

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