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In the hyperactive App world, Apps are constantly being rolled out by entrepreneur developers.

In this environment, competition is fierce. You have an idea but you want it to stand out from the crowd. The challenge is to differentiate, cut through the noise and build a sustainable business model.

Taurus AppLauncher© advises you on every aspect of launching your App – what you should be doing, how to do it well, the fast track, what works and what to avoid.

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Taurus AppLauncher© advises you on every aspect of launching your App – what you should be doing, how to do it, the shortcuts, what works and what to avoid

Taurus AppLauncher©

We have used our Taurus AppLauncher™ precision to create successful campaigns for a range of App entrepreneurs including Appster, Six8, 2Hats, LASHD and MyMobile. 

Faced with a changing landscape and escalating demands including technical development, launch deadlines and limited resources to generate the downloads necessary to achieve key performance indicators (KPIs), creating a truly commercial offering can get pushed down the agenda or lost completely. 

At the same time, the ability to create a sustainable financed business model, memorable brand and to reach customers, supporters, influencers and ambassadors has never been more vital for App developers to prioritise. 

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Where do we start?

From market research to trademarks and financial models, App developers want to know where to begin. Our solution is to work directly with you to answer the question ‘Where do we start?’. For some, this means putting a plan in place or planning a launch. For others, it’s defining the brand identity or financed modelling.

It may be to create influencer and direct marketing programs or run a messaging and positioning session to get your team to ensure your processes and goals are aligned.

Our senior consultants work with you from scratch, guiding you through the most cost-effective and time-effective process, to ensure your App is positioned for launch.

We start by helping you prioritize and identify the best options to meet projected results because we understand App development and its challenges.

Taking responsibility for your App from the outset and every aspect of its launch puts you in control in a market that is already difficult to navigate

1. Audit

We start by undertaking a comprehensive audit of your App and your market internally and externally.

2. Strategy

We research your industry and provide you with strategic recommendations to maximise your success.

3. Branding and positioning

We believe great brands cut through so we help you ensure your App is well recognised for download.

4. Active engagement

We test, play and test again to ensure your App is ready so that when it finally goes live you see cut through.

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GiggedIn – Music

Over an eight week period, Taurus achieved national mainline daily coverage, online press, the SME and lifestyle design publication coverage. Within three weeks of defining the public relations strategy, Cub Network made their media debut on page 3 of The Australian Financial Review, followed by a range of strategically targeted local, national and international coverage across print, online, SME and design media in the lead up to the launch.
Gigged In

GiggedIn – Music

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