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The Taurus philosophy

Welcome to our Taurus Bullseye™ Methodology tried and tested with over 1,800 brands here and overseas.

The Taurus Bullseye™ is our unique trademarked methodology and which drives brand awareness from start-ups such as Ansarada to major ASX listed brands such as Dicker Data.

We start with your fundamental business objectives, review the end game and align your growth, marketing, brand and digital strategies to get there

Our Taurus ‘no bull’ approach has underwritten the way we’ve supported, protected and built hundreds of client brands since 1995 and the practical and outcomes focussed mantra of our methodology has kept our clients returning again and again.

Our famous Taurus Bullseye™ strategies are delivered by our senior team, which consist of a mix of in-house strategy, marketing, crisis, government, agency directors and creative talent, so we understand business across disciplines from both sides of the fence. We have the right skills on tap just when you need them.

Our famous Taurus Bullseye™ strategies are delivered by our senior team, which consist of a mix of in-house strategy, marketing, agency directors and creative talent, so we understand business across disciplines from both sides of the fence. We have the right skills on tap just when you need them.

Strategy and planning

Smart strategy is integral to driving your business forward and goes a fair way to protect business continuity in am ever evolving landscape. But the best strategy won’t deliver results without a plan to bring the strategy to life. Taurus will develop an integrated marketing strategy and plan driven by your business objectives.

Our plans are based upon an understanding of your industry, economies, target market, customer personas, brand and sales goals. We design the optimal marketing tactics to help you achieve your goals in all these areas.

Key stages of the planning process include auditing your existing planning documents, or creating them for you, identifying the gaps and opportunities, devising an overarching strategy and finally creating that all-important S.M.A.R.T plan broken down into 90 day plans and objectives.

We have trademarked services offering personal branding Taurus Profile©, social media engagement Taurus Social©, App go to market expertise with Taurus AppLauncher©, design with Taurus Creative©, content with Taurus Content©, Investor Relations with Taurus IR©, crisis communications with Taurus React© and government with Taurus Government©
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Gain clarity with strategic messaging and positioning

The Taurus Bullseye™ process enables a strong, easily articulated message that tells your market who you are and what you can do for them. This is fundamental to your business. Getting this straight from the outset is key in Taurus world.

That’s why we like to kickstart our relationship with you with our strategy session. The session with our senior executives is the culmination of much research and allows us to delve deep into the workings and culture of your business.

Outcomes from the session are a unified business direction and tangibles including a communications strategy and key messages. Then using our Bullseye we determine the appropriate tools and services required to achieve your outcomes. Our clients often refer to the Taurus Bullseye™ output as a practical business plan.

Committed to delivering results

Tap into our practical, sales-focused marketers with extensive experience to draw on a mix of marketing tools to create demand and drive sales of your product or service.

When you partner with Taurus, you gain access to a team of experienced marketing and comms professionals who most importantly, create action that results in brand awareness and sales enquiries!

At Taurus we take pride in helping our client’s businesses to grow and have a proven track record in assisting smart entrepreneurs, large corporates and SMBs to take their businesses to new heights.

Internal Comms
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Audit & research

Before we can help you to chart a strategy for your business moving forward, we audit the current situation and conduct research on your behalf.

Audit and research can include, but is not limited to:

  • A brand audit from an experienced marketing perspective as well as conducting research with your customers and employees on their opinions
  • Research into your products and services, customer satisfaction and the customer experience
  • Competitor and SWOT analysis

The Taurus team are experienced at undertaking audits and conducting provide a more accurate view of the current situation, challenges and opportunities. We draw a line in the sand at the onset so that your business and communications goals become strategic, achievable and measurable.

Events in both the Virtual and Physical Worlds

The Pandemic led to unchartered territory and a large scale shift to remote working conditions. It is more important than ever to build empathy and communicate with your network. We harness new virtual technologies to create connections and deepen relationships through valuable, empathetic and engaging experiences.

Building brands through events for decades, we believe in the value of driving touchpoints with consumers, stakeholders and partners. Whether you want to attract leads, re-establish your brand, build trust, create conversations, forge relationships with prospects or reward employees, we can advise you on all the elements essential to a successful virtual event.

Creatively imagined and strategically planned, Taurus events ensure more than just a lasting impression – we look to connect you to the right audience and provide powerful opportunities to build engagement, inspire loyalty and nurture meaningful relationships.

As one of the founding members of the International Special Events Industry Association (ISES) our Founder, Sharon Williams is a regular industry commentator on events and a keynote speaker at the annual event’s conferences for 6,000 delegates plus in the US and China.

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Crisis Communications and Change Management

Internal communication, crisis communications and change management

Employees are a stakeholder often overlooked and yet we need them positively and actively engaged with the constant demands of change on our organisations. Smart businesses acknowledge the importance of engaged internal stakeholders and organisational culture to drive business success. Taurus has helped household names with change management campaigns. Internal communications are at the very heart of our Taurus Bullseye™ methodology.

Crisis communications

Our Crisis comms consultants have worked with all manner of Crises including Natural disasters, Crisis in the corporate world, brand fall out, in the Political field and managed comms for major National and AsiaPac disasters.

Driving positive, practical, cultural & internal communications management

We have been working in cultural change for decades and have seen first-hand how engagement strategies have changed. Our Taurus Profile© and Taurus Social© services around personal branding and social media engagement are a key component of our change management offerings.

Taurus offers a whole range of services from strategy, creative themes, to tactical implementations such as creating a virtual webinar, EDM, internal newsletter, video, or interactive digital strategy to implementing a full employee engagement program and loyalty reward schemes.

Copy & content creation

We have experienced marketing professionals who write well, understand the realities of business and interact effectively with senior-level executives to deliver polished, smart and compelling copy for your business.

We recognise that good copy in a marketing sense is not just about how well it reads, it’s also about the context and result. This includes conveying your company’s brand in the right light in the minds of potential customers, accurately describing your products and services and most importantly, creating action in the form of sales and sales enquiries!

We regularly produce copy for:

Copy and content
Sharon Sam


With senior-level marketing & public relations expertise

Book a mentoring session and reap the rewards of our practical, smart marketing and public relations expertise. Our ‘no-bull’ approach will ensure you leave your mentoring session focused, energised and with plenty of intelligent actions to move your business forward. You’ll have direct access to our Founder Sharon Williams and her extensive experience developed across the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as her decades of know-how as Taurus Head of Strategy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to harness the diverse and specialist skills of a carefully selected team of professional and creative minds. Our team includes seasoned communications strategists, ex in-house marketing and PR management as well as senior agency directors and creative talent.

All mentoring sessions include a Business Snapshot report delivered after the session which includes a summary of the current situation, a review of your business goals, marketing/business insights and imperatives. The session and report are tailored to your specific needs – all we ask is you identify your desired objectives and send us any related background information before your session.

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Michael explains, “We’re working with Taurus to position marketing initiatives to support our long term business objectives. A sustained and consistent marketing and PR approach is going to yield us better results in the market, rather than short bursts of activity”


Datacom – Professional Services

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