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Real time knowledge drives your brand strategy in good times and bad

Our Crisis Comms service Taurus React© is the key to unlock and gather deep intelligence to understand real time commentary and drive communications strategy. It uncovers insights across the visible and sometimes, hidden layers of multiple social media platforms and data sources.

This unique deep search and analysis service is spearheading the standard of excellence in a world of fast-changing technology that globally is seeing nearly four billion users active on social media – a number that has grown more than 92 % in the past five years and showing no sign of slowing.

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Taurus React© is without peer in this field, offering the most innovative, fastest, modern-day crisis management with in-depth listening service to help companies and individuals.

Unique insights provide strategic advice that guide strategy

We safeguard individual reputations and company brands

Taurus React© gathers, collates, analyses, interprets and contributes [data and insights] to help plan a strategic response to conversations [incidents] online, using sophisticated social media monitoring and social listening tools.

To react properly, brands and organisations must first be fully aware of who is saying what before sensible responses can be crafted. Crises can be better handled where the most appropriate and accurate information, tools, expertise and strategies are available.

Taurus React© uses the sophisticated social listening tools to draw conclusions about audience sentiment and key influencers – these insights can shape future initiatives. We help you understand public perceptions of your company, hashtags or discussions within your industry and identify key industry trends which can bring competitive advantages.

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Crisis Communication

Crisis communications relies on today’s technology driven world

Taurus React© involves using the technologies, systems and protocols that enable an organisation or an individual to communicate effectively in response to issues presenting a risk to their business or reputation.

The service analyses and prepares a strategy in real time, what actually is being said by whom, to ensure individuals and company’s can quickly and effectively communicate during these critical times, sharing unique insights that allows the situation to be directed, guided and rectified.

Messages used in crisis communication are tailored to provide stakeholders with the knowledge required to make the right decisions at the right time during these emergencies.

Issues and Crisis Management

In the current climate, Governments are engaged in issues management almost daily. In doing so they have become more skilled in handling matters when a probing 24/7 media machine digs deeper into issues.

Influencing and swaying different audiences to think a certain way is captured under the heading of Issues Management that sometimes spills over into Crisis Management. Others might call it Damage Control or going back to the 60’s it was labelled, The Dark Art.

The essential steps in Issues Management adopted by different bodies will vary dramatically as the jousting unfolds in the media.

People and businesses can be drawn into these events and helping our clients navigate these sometimes-rough waters is common for the Taurus Government Relations team.

Taurus Government Relations
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Social listening is part of modern-day crisis management

With Taurus React©, we analyse conversations and trends happening on social media, not just on a single issue or brand, but more broadly for industries as a whole. We can then use those insights to make better communication decisions with a view of the broader picture, from all stakeholders, especially in times of crisis.

Taurus React© uses the sophisticated social listening tools to draw conclusions about audience sentiment and key influencers – these insights can shape future initiatives. We help you understand public perceptions of your company, hashtags or discussions within your industry and to identify key industry trends which can bring competitive advantages.

Taurus React© also allows for in-depth analysis into your competitor’s share of voice across social media, providing a unique insight into what competitors are doing well and what is not working.

"Taurus React© provides unique, deep social listening insights as part of modern day crisis management. It goes deeper and wider than any other investigative strategic response unit that has existed before.”
Ian Dose, Senior Taurus React© Consultant
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Taurus React© is unique because it reveals the "blind spots"

The current listening brands on the market used for Public Relations and Crisis Communications are devoid of Personal Identification Infrastructure (PII). They traditionally do not address the blind spots or full spectrum of data that can be found in data sources such as Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Our collection methods enable a holistic and insight perspective on data that provides the right basis for action. Put simply, it enables better enterprise responses by facilitating faster, better and more certain actions enabled by accurate data-driven insights.

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In this day and age, true Reactive Crisis Comms takes on new sophistication with the ability to use deep web social listening.

1. Audit of your brand

We undertake a comprehensive audit of your brand internally and externally to define your story.

2. Consumer PR strategy

We provide you with strategic recommendations on how to maximise brand presence and reach business objectives.

3. Active

We bring brands to life through the Taurus Bullseye™ process, tell your story and connect with influencers.

4. Measure and report

Taurus measures and reports on the return on investment of your campaign and progress to feed back into next steps.

What does Taurus React© offer you?

"We needed an immediate media strategy to deal with a breaking engagement that was highly political - I chose Taurus. The team was excellent. Responsive, knowledgeable and professional."
Alan Walker, Partner, Cor Cordis, 2020
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Who is Taurus React© for?

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Cor Cordis – Administrators

“I chose Taurus because the team presented themselves professionally and I had a good feeling that they could deliver what was required.”
Alan Walker, Partner, Cor Cordis
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Cor Cordis – Administrators

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