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Taurus Crypto© was launched with specialist in-house expertise to support the players and emerging entrepreneurs who are driving the future and reinvention of the worlds finance system - digital currency.

We have been working for some time with proven entrepreneurs to determine strategy, educate the market and build brand. So we understand the language. We understand how fast it changes.

Digital Currency is the way of the future and quite simply we get it. The language, the jargon, the benefits, the risks, the dangers and the key players.

For decades, we’ve been working with new technologies to encourage and support new ideas that help the world evolve.

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“Taurus work within our budget and projects are always delivered on time, executed to the highest standard and they search for the best value for us by providing full explanations, competitive quotes and different options. Their quick turn around of work and grasp of KAZ’s business means we get great value for money. At every point of contact and at every level, whether by phone or in person, the Taurus team display the highest standards of professionalism, politeness and customer awareness. We trust them completely and can relax in the knowledge we have a reliable business partner.”
Peter Kazacos, Founder and former Director of Strategy and Innovation, KAZ Group

Sharon Williams on the launch of Taurus Crypto©

Listen to Sharon, Taurus Founder be interviewed on TickerTV about our latest service offering and the future of Cryptocurrency.


Risk mitigation

Taurus Crypto© is populated with doubt and intrigue. We understand the risks and how to mitigate them through strategy

Our mission is to help Crypto companies set strategy, reach out to key audiences and influencers, build brand and build positive, reputable awareness in the media – as well as strengthening their relationship with investors, buyers and sellers.

Our team of highly experienced digital currency experts with experience in this emerging field are paving the way for Crypto businesses to flourish as they navigate the digital finance marketplace, here in Australia and globally. Whether building a platform for trading or releasing a new coin, or selling an NFT, our team is equipped to support you achieve your vision.

Building trust. Building reputation

Taurus Crypto© helps your brand establish lasting trust as the market transitions into the use of digital currency as a reliable and future proofed way to transact throughout the globe and within the Australian Market. From early adoption to maturity, this is the future. We will help you build market trust by aligning company messaging to cut through the confusion and inconsistency that exists with other brands. Quite simply with Taurus, you will stand out. For all the right reasons.

With Taurus Crypto© we provide access to our extensive network and introduce your company to prospective investors, government bodies, customers and influencers to develop beneficial relationships.

Strategy and Consistency builds trust. We show you how

Working with Taurus clients from the early stages of the digital economy and coupled with our own passion on this emerging phenomenon, the Taurus Crypto© team is highly experienced at cutting through the confusion, creating a brand personality and establishing the hierarchy of messaging from the top down.

We understand the importance of educating potential investors/consumers to build trust in the cryptocurrency market and suppliers, leaders, sellers and buyers.

We get crypto

At Taurus we believe in the potential blockchain has in financial markets on a global scale and are across the issues, which are complex and wide ranging. Our clients are varied and leading the way in security, technology, governance, NFT’s and innovation.

Working with both vendors and coins, from a B2B perspective and B2C, we understand the needs of both parties.

We get emerging digital currency businesses and have the tools necessary to build the brand..

We get crypto

TaurusCrypto© services include:

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The Taurus Crypto© Network

We have built the Taurus Network contact by contact so we are well connected with the experts out there, who right now, are working in the digital currency world.

Along with our customers we are establishing new benchmarks, in the field, new ways of working and communicating to build brand, and educate consumers, B2C and B2B markets to establish credibility.

Global Media Communications in the Crypto world

New innovation requires new approaches. Taurus goes beyond the traditional means of communication to create positive brand awareness with key global stakeholders to take influencers on your journey. We audit, define and build positive momentum and a compelling equity and investment story.

We help you foster strategic media relationships to leverage and amplify announcements, market updates and company milestones. Increased media exposure raises the profile of your business and leadership team, position your message in the market and build third party credibility across multiple touchpoints.

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“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement. The ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value. Lots of people will build businesses on top of that.”
Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of google)

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