KBB Digital Competition Winners – Topics Covered

Such fun to have our KBB Digital competition winners (Rachel and Erin) from JustMums Recruitment in the Taurus office for their prize – a complementary strategy session.

I’ve been in and out of recruitment agencies since my Mother worked in recruitment when I was a child. I guess it’s in my blood. Since then I have helped many recruitment services with their marketing and been invited to help set up a recruitment agency just for Mums. So working with the JustMums team for a day, a multi-service recruitment agency catered specifically for mums looking to make their way back into the workforce, was a lot of fun and going back to familiar territory.

Amongst the many topics we covered, the girls key question was how do we manage and improve the way we run our business? Here’s are just 4 of the many topics we covered!

#1 Define your business objectives into SMART goals

Before you approach a marketing expert or even think about how to market and sell your products, it’s important for you to define clear and concise business objectives. The business objective is the end-goal and will act as a map, helping you navigate through decisions with a clear destination in mind. Then you can work on a strategy. Clear business objectives will also steer you back onto the right track when you get distracted – which we all do occasionally.  And oh yes, you will know when you have arrived at your destination and can celebrate accordingly if you know where you are heading!

#2 Provide Statistical Evidence

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, so have a clear handle on the stats. Eg a proposition such as ‘we employ 80% of Melbourne mums’ or ‘70% of our clients place mums in senior management positions’ is a much stronger proposition than we put Mums in jobs. Statistics represent facts, and facts are what help build credibility and trust.

#3 Give back to the workforce

One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping people. Here at the office, having interns and graduates or ‘change of career’ professionals go through our TaurusFastTrack© Academy has become one of my biggest passions. By hiring interns, you can help them step into the workforce and you provide them real-life experience. Think of it as giving back to the community, while at the same time helping your business benefit from fresh new perspectives.

#4 Practice what you preach

For JustMums, who promote a sustainable work-life balance with flexibility on both sides, they were reminded in our session to be sure to live that way. So you can always work more. But remember if you forget something or find a moment of work overwhelm, life still goes on. It’s just not worth it to have your business break your personal life.


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