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One O’Clock Club

Welcome to our extraordinary network

The One O’clock Club is our carefully curated CEO lunch series where our Founder and Head of Strategy, Sharon Williams personally invites members of the Taurus network to a carefully curated beautifully presented lunch to leverage our trusted relationships and help brands grow.

one oclock club
Outcome from lunch

The outcome from our lunches

Deals have been done, jobs have been found and partnerships formed. Taurus guests have been introduced and supported in their personal and professional life by meeting key individuals who can elevate their position, brand or business. Plus it’s a fun, warm, clever and generous experience.

Our core values are to connect like-minded members of our Taurus community to help support each other to meet business and life objectives.

Silver service lunches beautifully curated

Set against the backdrop of the Taurus Boardroom on Level 22 at Barangaroo with a birds eye view of the city, we mix fine dining and silver service with great conversation. We enjoy beautiful wines with warm, inspiring, no bull conversations that add value to our network.

It remains our commitment to fast track the brands and people we work with and make strategic introductions.

Silver Service
Chance to relax

A chance to relax in an intimate lunch environment

The One O’clock Club was created during Covid originally as an online forum for our client CEO’s to join, share, problem solve, socialise and learn. It was always held on a Thurday so the day has stuck.

With the pandemic over, our clients leaders valued our gathering and conversation so we turned it into a physical lunch where we get together once a month to share and do business.

The lunches are carefully curated, beautifully orchestrated and our clients have found new partners, friends, suppliers and even found new Board members and investors.

Welcome to the Taurus way of doing business

So much more than an agency – creating life long friendships. We can fill a room with carefully curated guest lists drawn from our network for your event. This works particularly well for incoming global brands who may not have a network and rely on us to establish their business here in Australia.

Taurus way
If you are a CEO who is interested to learn more, please apply below.

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