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The power of strategic influence
Reaching out to Australia’s decision-makers should be easy, but, unfortunately, some businesses and individuals give up in frustration when trying to go it alone.The list of Government, both Federal and State bodies, is endless. More often than not it results in those seeking help talking to the wrong people, department or agency when they seek assistance or wish to clarify issues that have an important bearing on their business activities or on personal matters.
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With more than 1,800 clients our highly experienced Government Relations team cuts through the red tape .

Making sure your voice is heard

At the present time, our Governments are dealing with some of the toughest decisions in history Reaching out to Government on different issues, and then making them take notice, has always presented its hurdles and this current climate has certainly not made it any easier. Quite clearly, it is seriously more difficult. That said, it is important that individuals and businesses are not prevented or deterred from reaching out to our decision-makers on issues that impact their lives and livelihoods.

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We have a long-standing and trusted relationship with political parties of all different persuasions.
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Taking your case to the highest level

At Taurus we are known for our trademarked Taurus Bullseye™ methodology, ensuring our efforts meet your objectives and deliver tangible business impact, every time.

Finding the best way to achieve these successful outcomes is a strategic business decision in our own company and we have professionals from Government circles on team. This provides us with an intimate understanding of the internal practices of senior bureaucrats, as well as, the mechanics of Government and how elected officials, and their staff work with public servants as well as parliamentary officers.

Our team also consists of journalists working in the political sphere so that today, the Taurus Government Relations team is representative of people with both Government and media backgrounds as well as other professionals with marketing and public relations credentials.

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters, one represents danger and the other represents opportunity.”
John F Kennedy

Being able to communicate your point of view effectively

Our Taurus team offers to expedite the journey when approaching Government based on our intimate understanding of the political and media landscape. We work successfully with both small and large companies and have a proven track record of being able to reach out to people at the top and those around them. At the same time, our ability to keep abreast of changing trends, is your safeguard in putting your trust in Taurus.

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"We faced a huge challenge in trying to achieve a seamless cutover worldwide as Qantas moved to a new ticketing and reservations system. It required the highest degree of coordination on a scale rarely seen and the communications strategy you implemented played a key role in our success."
Michael Blumer, Triton Project Manager
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The Taurus Government Relations© team

The Taurus Government Relations© team is headed by Founder and Head of Strategy Sharon Williams and Senior Consultant, Ian Dose. We look forward to assisting your company, or you personally, to navigate the corridors of power.

What does Taurus Government Relations© offer you?

“This evaluation is written to document my extreme respect for a first-rate professional and human being whose performance was extremely exemplary and exceptional. I observed no caveats and only strengths.”
Professor, Gordon Parker, (Former Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute)
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Cor Cordis – Administrators

“I chose Taurus because the team presented themselves professionally and I had a good feeling that they could deliver what was required.”
Alan Walker, Partner, Cor Cordis
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Cor Cordis – Administrators

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