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Be yourself with purpose!

If you are a leader or an expert in your field, whether you like it or not, you are the captain of your personal brand. TaurusProfile™ is an innovative service offered by Taurus, aimed at defining, developing and protecting the profile-leading individuals.

With the instantaneous influence of new social media platforms, it has never been more important to define, protect and differentiate your personal brand, image and expertise. Your personal brand or ‘digital resume’ is constantly being shaped and influenced by others around you. It’s increasingly crucial to take responsibility for your own profile.

You are your brand. Whether discreet or ‘out there’, we help you be yourself with purpose. Focus and you can emerge stronger, surer and way ahead of the field. The TaurusProfile™ process takes you through a structured methodology to strengthen your personal brand presence.

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Who can TaurusProfile™ help?

  • Board Directors and CEO’s
  • CFO’s and Risk Managers
  • Marketing and Public Affairs Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Personalities
  • Celebrities
  • Politicians
  • Families and teens
  • University Students
  • School Students

You are the captain of your personal brand

TaurusProfile™ includes a brand audit workshop, in which your existing profile is analysed. From here, Taurus’ team of specialists will recommend specifically tailored sessions – from a selection of over 30 modules – to pinpoint and meet your strategic objectives. The program is clear, practical and designed to meet specific KPIs. Structured to support corporate leaders, C-level executives, subject matter experts, politicians and rising stars, TaurusProfile™ provides individuals with an increased profile using solid and measurable deliverables.

What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is the image you present to the world, it is represented through:

  • Quotes in the media
  • Delivering presentations
  • Attending social events
  • Your daily image and dress code
  • Your body language
  • The way you speak
  • Your reputation
  • The way you deal with people
  • How you promote your expertise
  • Your online presence
  • Your collateral

In this highly competitive environment, building your personal brand profile will leave you a step ahead of your competition. The TaurusProfile™ process guarantees you will:

  • Gain clarity on your personal brand
  • Have a strategic communication plan to better develop your personal brand
  • Ensure your key messages flow through your actions, visual, verbal and written communication
  • Be well equipped to deal with media
  • Become a thought leader


Need to shout your brand from the rooftops and get the phones ringing?

Advertising can be powerful – if it cuts through all the clutter.

Taurus are experts at producing engaging and slick advertising that cuts through to ensure your brand becomes top of mind in your potential customers eyes.

Whether it’s brand advertising you’re after or a more direct response style of advertisement to get your phones ringing, Taurus are experienced in providing ads on spec for a variety of different publications, as well as online advertising.

We can also assist you with the copy writing of your advertisement to ensure maximum cut through.



Websites that meet business goals excite us. Working closely with you, we start by reviewing your existing online presence and identifying your key online audiences. Employing our in-house expertise and tools such as design, content strategies, marketing expertise and SEO advice, we assure an increased awareness of your business.

Taurus offers:

  • The latest technologies
  • World class interface design
  • Traffic reporting and analytics on how people find your website and where they’re coming from
  • Advanced search engine optimisation methods
  • Easy self-managed website content
  • Online marketing strategy consultation

Online Marketing

To ensure the greatest success in the online sphere, Taurus offers integrated campaigns to make sure your business is effectively communicating with its online audiences.

We can help you with:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Online newsletter / database sign up
  • Online advertising
  • Promotions, integrated campaigns and competitions
  • Sticky content (forums, blogs, polls)
  • Viral content (Games ‘challenge a friend’), fun stuff (humorous content)


In this digital age, it is essential to use a variety of mediums to give your message the greatest impact. Taurus provides audio-visual services that give your company a competitive edge.

Our audio-visual services include:

  • Video (corporate video, event video, product/service demo video – can be cut to DVD or embedded online)
  • Animations and 2 and 3D
  • GamificationMultimedia (online games, interactive content, presentations, business software such as flash calculators, product and service tours inc voiceover)
  • Apps


Gain cut through for your brand

With so much emphasis on digital documents, a sure way to cut through and get a response is a well-designed brochure, clever direct mail or stunning invitation, after all, who gets anything in the mail these days! Beautifully designed print puts your brand into your audience’s hands and makes an impression.

Taurus provides fast, effective design and production services for professional collateral, from simple brochures to complex, custom-designed catalogues.

We can provide cost-effective, low run brochures that can be turned around fast or customised brochures that perfectly suit your campaign and marketing objectives. We can even check what your current brochures and catalogues say about your business and help you update or re-do them.

Corporate Collateral

Taurus can provide a suite of collateral that ensures your brand stands out amongst the ‘noise’. Using our slick design capabilities as well as expert copywriting where required we can deliver:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation folders
  • Post it notes
  • Writing pads
  • Greeting cards
  • Wine labels
  • Invitations
  • Case studies
  • Proposals
  • Sales kits


Doughlish – Food

Client Services Outcome

“I didn’t have any reference point in what to expect in going ahead with PR. I was hesitant to go ahead because we felt we could do it ourselves or at least try and reach out to different media outlets and get the info and product across. But having said that we’re really happy we went with Taurus, because of what’s come out of it – such high-quality articles, very well written and big media publications! We are super happy with it. It’s super aligned with our target market and we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get that kind of quality ourselves.”

Adam Caspary, Founder, Doughlish

Taurus achieved coverage in The Daily Telegraph and this article was syndicated nationally. Other publications include Broadsheet, Pedestrian.TV, 2DayFM and TimeOut. The Sydney launch was a success with a total audience reach of 8, 467, 374 people in one week!