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If you are a leader or an expert in your field, whether you like it or not, you are Captain of your personal brand. Taurus Founder Sharon Williams was one of the first pioneers of a personal brand and created our unique trademarked personal branding service over 18 years ago.

Taurus Profile© defines, develops, promotes and protects your profile. It has never been more important to define, protect, evolve and differentiate your personal brand, image and expertise.

You are your brand.

Your personal brand or ‘digital resume’ is constantly being shaped and influenced by online mediums and by others around you. It’s increasingly crucial to take responsibility for your own profile to stay in the game and on the ball. And if you don’t others will take your space.

Whether discreet or ‘out there’, we help you be yourself with purpose. Focus and you can emerge stronger, surer and way ahead of the field. The Taurus Profile© process takes you through a structured proven methodology to strengthen your personal brand presence.

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"The Taurus Profile© workshop gave me clarity on my objectives, a clear understanding of my brand profile and focused my effort. It stretched me to build my personal profile and has dramatically increased the value of my brand – the results were instant.”
Michael Bevan, Australia Cricket Legend

You are the captain of your personal brand – stay relevant, keep reinventing

Taurus Profile© includes a brand audit workshop (available in person and online), where we analyse your existing profile and extract your unique personality and core values. From here, our team of specialists present you back your personal brand plan and recommend personally tailored sessions from a selection of over 30 modules – to pinpoint and meet your strategic objectives.

The program is clear, practical and designed to meet specific KPIs. Structured to support corporate leaders, C-level executives, subject matter experts, politicians and rising stars, Taurus Profile© provides individuals with an increased profile using solid and measurable deliverables.

Sharon Williams
Expand your business, broaden your horizons, ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ – capture market share by developing your personal brand and increase your company profile!
“Taurus has helped grow not only my profile within the fitness and entertainment industry but has also expanded the profile of FHIT my online business into the corporate and entrepreneurial space."
Lauren Hannaford, CEO/Founder, FHIT by Lauren Hannaford
Lauren Hannaford

Who can Taurus Profile© help?

What is your personal brand?

Your personal brand is the image you present to the world. As captain of your personal brand, the buck stops with you. It is represented through:

In this highly competitive and ever-changing work environment building your personal brand profile positions you a step ahead of your competition. The Taurus Profile© process guarantees you will:

Why our clients love us

“The Taurus team are a pleasure to deal with. They are fast, effective and single mindedly focused on deliverables. Sharon is one of the most respectable publicists I have ever met. It is a pleasure to do business with her and Taurus.”
Emanuel Perdis, Managing Director, Napoleon Perdis
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Your own personal website

If you have a brand as a thought leader, having your own website is a good idea. Check out Sharon’s website Your own website should help you meet business goals and stay relevant. Working closely with you, we start by reviewing your existing online presence and identifying your key online audiences. Employing our in-house expertise and tools such as research, brand study, design, content strategies, marketing expertise and SEO advice, we assure an increased awareness of your personal brand.

Taurus offers:

Online marketing

Taurus can help you with:

online marketing2
Taurus Content


In this digital world, it is essential to use a variety of integrated mediums to give your message the greatest impact and reach multiple touchpoints. Taurus provides audio-visual services and a full service TV studio and podcast facility that give your personal brand a competitive edge.

Our audio-visual services include:

Print - We believe strong brands cut through

With so much emphasis on digital documents, a sure way to cut through and get a response is a well-designed memorable logo, bio, brochure, clever direct mail or stunning invitation. After all, who gets anything in the mail these days! Strong brands and beautifully designed print makes an impression and we tailor it to your own unique and personal look.

Taurus Creative© provides fast, effective design and production services.

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SW website

Personal brand collateral

Taurus can provide a suite of collateral that ensures your personal brand stands out amongst the ‘noise’ and remains relevant. Using our slick design capabilities as well as expert copywriting where required we can deliver:
Client services outcome

FHIT – Health

“My business is continuing to grow and thrive and I have so many exciting opportunities ahead for both myself and my business, all due to the work Taurus has done with this campaign.”
Lauren Hannaford, CEO/Founder, FHIT
FHIT CoverImage

FHIT by Lauren Hannaford – Health

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