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Nowadays the task of attracting consumer attention is more challenging than ever living in an always-connected, information rich and distracted world with the new threat of recurring pandemics. As new technologies empower customers in the digital age, large enterprises, small and medium businesses and online companies are finding new way to create connections and deepen relationships with consumers through immersive, memorable and engaging experiences online. When brands can inspire a feeling, the effects are powerful and Taurus knows how to leave a lasting impression!

Building brands through experiences for decades across continent, we believe turning customers into brand loyalists is a top priority for sustainable success. Today, brands across industry are realising the value that positive personal touchpoints with consumers, stakeholders and partners can bring.

One of the most powerful ways to achieve brand loyalty is through experiential marketing – engage with customers 1 on 1, forge relationships, create conversations and build trust.

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A powerful brand experience can shape the future of your brand, building meaningful and long-lasting relationships between you and your audience.

Nailing event strategy to unleash maximum brand value

At Taurus, we are known for our trademarked Taurus Bullseye™ methodology, ensuring your event meets business objectives and delivers tangible business impact, every time. Working with our event planners to develop an event strategy goes beyond great planning or including the latest frills.

Your entire event from conception to realisation, is supported by a clear purpose and central theme, reinforcing your brand value proposition through consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

Whether it’s an intimate event for 20, a roundtable of key media or a large-scale brand activation, nothing is out of reach for the Taurus team – virtual or in person. Creatively imagined and strategically planned, Taurus events ensure more than just a lasting impression – we look to connect you to the right audience and provide powerful opportunities to build engagement, inspire loyalty and nurture meaningful relationships.

Nailing Event Strategy
“We loved working with the team at Taurus around our LookDeeper.com.au campaign project which included developing customer and patient case studies, development of creative ideas for our LookDeeper media launch event which was held at the NSW Art Gallery and then the coordination and management of the event itself.”
Klaus Bartosch, Managing Director & Co-Founder, 1ST Group
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Developing 360

Developing a 360° brand experience with customers at the centre

Taurus knows the crucial success factors that make or break an experience. The event strategy must be deeply engrained in the brand DNA itself and then meet (and exceed) guest needs and expectations.

We take events from bland to brilliant

Taurus has a comprehensive approach to help maximise holistic brand experience and event impact before, during and post the event – either in person or online. Prior to staging an event, we deep dive into creative development and conceptualisation, our PR team raises awareness of the event and engages with target audiences generating buzz around the occasion.

During the event, the high calibre guest list, experiential components, giveaways, digital and traditional media integration all come together to maximise real-time digital reach and endorsement. Our job is also to extend engagement and sustain interest post event, ensuring the tangible and emotive brand experiences resonate in the digital world, for ongoing dialogue and connection beyond those who attended.

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Embracing the future of virtual

In the wake of a world that will face ongoing pandemic threats, businesses and communities will need to turn to online events seamlessly.  With an impeccable reputation, Taurus is known for our ability to help brands adapt. We can create a virtual event to suit your objectives, whether it be an educational webinar, interactive panel discussion, engaging live stream or larger scale digital conference.

“Thank you to the Taurus Marketing Team for creating one of the most memorable days of my life. The launch event was a dream come true! The venue, the theming, the location, the guest list, the publicity, the networks created…everything exceeded all expectations.

Taurus was also able to get LASHD onto Sunrise on Channel 7, which resulted in thousands of downloads and new customers within a few minutes. Bookings on podcasts and online media interviews followed.

The exposure Taurus was able to generate was well worth the investment. The Taurus team are not only genuinely nice people, they are also very responsive and know their industry as experts. I would highly recommend Taurus to any business or brand who is looking for a media/PR and promotion company to do the hard yards for them.”
Joanne Pellew, Founder of LASHD

Events that go way beyond the wow factor

Brands are under increasing pressure to gain a sustainable point of differentiation in the market. This extends beyond everyday marketing tactics and events achieve touchpoints and an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Taurus will safeguard brand DNA to ensure your event embraces and reflects your brand values to drive memorable, purpose-driven and meaningful connections.

Event wow factor

What does Taurus Events© offer you?

“The end result was a classy, high impact and intimate launch event attended by media and VIP’s that continues to be remembered by all that attended. If you are after a smart, innovative and highly professional marketing partner, then talk to the amazing team at Taurus.”
Klaus Bartosch, Managing Director & Co-Founder, 1ST Group
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