Taurus long standing client Androgogic featured in SmartCompany, sharing tips on encouraging an e-workplace, remote working and keeping your team productive!

Michael Fraser, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Educational Technologist at Androgogic was featured in SmartCompany on how they’ve made remote working a success for 15 years!

Androgogic, a leading provider of Educational Technology infrastructure and services such as the Totara Learning Management System (LMS) was founded almost 15 years ago with fully remote employees as a fundamental tenet.

While different technologies have come and gone over time, it has been an evolution not revolution as far as Androgogic have been concerned. Continual improvement yes, but nothing has changed to make the overall model significantly better or worse as a business strategy… until now.

There are clear financial benefits to a company not maintaining office space. The question is, why haven’t most businesses in the last decade started up as fully remote or moved to that model?

Or perhaps that question would be better worded: What are the fears and blockers that have stopped these things from happening?

And the corollary question: What can we do to leap over them in a time like this, with COVID-19 forcing workers all over the world to isolate and work remotely?

Full article on how Androgogic has had a fully remote workforce for 15 years & five lessons learned:

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