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The sea change. Now it’s the c-change

How quickly we’re adapting to a virtual world.  

Before COVID-19, a global pandemic, affecting each and every one of us, wasn’t something a lot of us contemplated; I think we all resigned ourselves to it wouldn’t happen to me.   

Now, the #newnormal as it is being described is creating a virtual world as the main channel for communication while we adhere to guidelines of social isolation, physical distancing and lockdown!  

And, from the feedback online, most of us are finding it isn’t so bad - even for the non-tech types that are using  Zoom, and other means online, as we look to the virtual world to keep the “Open for Business sign on the front door.  

The other big plus is it does do away with the time-wasting traffic jams we sub-consciously took for granted as part of our normal daily grind.  

Yes. It cuts down the face-to-face contact with work colleagues but only last night, wine glass in hand, we chatted via Zoom, and I felt as bonded, if not more so than ever, with my team.  

At Taurus, the team has made a seamless move to the virtual world in doing business with our clients. While initially some of our clients might have thought it was too daunting to continue to do business this way, they too have now jumped on board with the #newnormal and we are working around the clock to service them.  

We are committed to provide the same unparalleled levels of Taurus service we have offered for 24 years while others have come and gone. 

Let’s not be scared or hesitate about these changes being thrust upon us. The mood is right to re-invent the way we do things and we will emerge different and potentially stronger.  

At another time it might have been called a SEA CHANGE and so it is THE C – CHANGE.  



Sharon Williams 

Founder, CEO Taurus Group  

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