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Social media takes centre stage for brand building in COVID-19 era

With the #newnormal, comes new responsibilities. As business owners and brands paddle their way around the COVID-19 global pandemic, it comes with a series of aged old worries, amplified – from customer retention to employee wellbeing and overhead costs. However, amongst all these business issues it is important to not lose sight of what counts in the long run – maintaining your customer base.

Media consumption has done a 180 on us overnight. COVID-19 has seen an increase in online and broadcast consumption. While in isolation and staying home, TV and social media are the go-to platforms for daily  (or even hourly) news updates.

Your social media strategy is more important now than ever. Here are a few tips on keeping momentum and maintaining your brand presence on social media in a COVID-19 era:

  1. Avoid Being Opportunistic

Now is not the time to ramp up good old fashion sales tactics, but to lend a helping hand. What services can you offer to help your customers?

Yes, it is important to push your brand’s product and services, so you stay relevant (and in business!), but understand that everyone out there is looking at cost savings, so what business value are you giving your customers?

In short: Be present, be genuine, provide value and message how you can help.

  1. Create an emotional connection

Consistently create an emotional connection with your customers by inviting them to anticipate what you have in store. Encourage interaction with consumers through productive and fun activities, e.g. Instagram Lives featuring expert Q&As, online DIY and skills classes or behind the scenes footage of what is happening in your business currently.

What are you doing as a business to #pivot so that your customers can gain some inspiration and follow you through this crisis?

  1. Monitor your audience

Once you have used social media to leverage your brand, look at your numbers. Which posts are faring well? Do your customers enjoy short videos detailing insights into how your business is adapting? What is the number of clicks on your pinned posts?

Asking these questions frequently will aid your business in turning the tides quicker.

However, none of this will matter if it is not done in an efficient and quick manner, which brings us to the next point – proactivity.

  1. Proactivity – become change-oriented and anticipate the future

Businesses who do not respond to the crisis in time risk falling behind and losing themselves in the clutter and the chatter. Consumers have increasingly become time-poor and seek comfort, connectivity and reassurance. A simple note of thanks, an update on delivery wait times, a feel-good quote or a smart tip can go a long way in securing your customer base long after this crisis has ended.

  1. Finally, ensure consistency.

Confirm your social media team has been educated on what type of stance your business is taking, what results you are looking to gain from your social media presence and how to monitor and respond to changes. Set clear guidelines on what type of messaging you want to broadcast to your audience.

Customers value thoughtful posts and consistency. Create brand awareness by asking yourself how you will add value to your social media page. Remember, consistency builds trust.

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