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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Vishala Aravindan

My TaurusAcademy© internship has been a great experience for me to step foot into the world of marketing and public relations (PR). Whilst I unfortunately did not get the chance to work in the beautiful Barangaroo office due to lockdown, I still felt like I was working with the team at home.  


Before starting this internship, I did not expect that I would be working one-on-one with the CEO of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams. Not many places have I heard the CEO of a company working with their interns. This was a great opportunity for me as she mentored me on how to better improve quality of work but by also adding value. The entire team at Taurus are so welcoming and insightful with the feedback they provide, purely to help us exceed in the future. I could not have expected to be working with such lovely people! 

This experience really opened my eyes on what I would like to pursue in my career, as I found a liking in social media. Being able to see how strategies differ between clients and creating content to align with their values was an aspect I looked forward to each time I received a social media task. 

I thoroughly encourage anyone looking for an internship in the PR and marketing field to intern at Taurus Marketing as it’s such a great opportunity to learn and jump-start your career.  

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