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What Office Life Looks Like After lockdown

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on business. As we adapt and change to fit into the new workplace environment, we have received a wealth of information and recommendations. Businesses are being encouraged now more than ever to maintain their productivity.

So, what will life look like back at the office? 

What we have learned these last few months is that the source of nurturing our workplace starts with mental health and the individuals that comprise a business. We have a duty of care to one another to help minimise those psychological effects that may be present in a total online environment. The new normal we now experience, has pushed teams to be more mindful, connected and empathetic with one another, ultimately creating a healthier and happier workspace as more and more people are looking for flexible working arrangements.  

Mental health research provides clear evidence on how to effectively keep your head above water when working from home but it doesn’t yet tell us how to manage flexible working arrangements. Although we’ve all heard it all before, routines, good eating, boundaries, breaks and exercise continue to be the most effective and important methods of nurturing and maintaining positive mental health while working through pandemic lockdowns.

So, what are the key things we really need to adopt when we go back to the office? Here are our four tips on how to manage life back at the office. 

Communication is key 

Managing working from home while your team are in the office may take some getting used to so keep the communication open. There may be initial connectivity adjustments so prepare for an initial teething period so you reduce how tricky it is to navigate. Maintain transparency and call it how it is, while everyone settles in.  

Manage your expectations 

For some, there will be that break away from home schooling to be back at the office, others will be dreading the commute and bustle of office life – all of which will take some adjusting. Manage expectation and go easy as you find your feet again. 

Establish a new routine and structure 

Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, structuring your day is a good start to maintaining a positive outlook on your work performance. By having structure, you can plan, focus and create an ideal schedule to help your day flow. 

Seek help and support 

If we’ve learnt anything from working from home, it’s that you’re not in this alone. Seeking support from friends, family, colleagues, mentors or loved ones is a healthy way to create a safe environment not only for yourself but others as well. Most importantly, if problems, issues or feelings persist, be open to seeking professional help and finding more ways to prioritise your work-related mental health. 

As we work together to create safe workspaces to nurture mental health, we also work together to create an emotionally intelligent workforce.  

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