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As a student living in Queensland studying a Public Relations major, who was looking to gain the right industry experience to help elevate my skills, I never imagined I would end up being lucky enough to complete a remote internship through the TaurusAcademy© program. With still another year ahead of me before I graduate, I couldn’t wait to gain experience and valuable insight into what being a part of the PR and Marketing world was like. After completing my internship at Taurus Marketing, I feel I’ve achieved this and so much more.

From media monitoring to writing social media and blog posts, from building media lists to assisting with market research. The Taurus team have helped me gain so many skills in communication, and their support and mentoring wherever required is truly unmatched to motivate me to do my personal best and educate me on the industry. I was given responsibilities that allowed the freedom to apply my own knowledge and skills and put my own creative spin particularly on writing tasks.

Some personal highlights from the experience include writing social media (in particular LinkedIn) posts and website text for Taurus, as well as being able to sit in on team meetings. This was a really great experience for me getting to see the team share their daily priorities and tasks with each other, communicating in such a professional yet friendly way, and expressing their own individual creativity that makes Taurus the industry leader in Marketing and PR that it is. Learning about the industry and hearing business insights first-hand from CEO Sharon Williams was another highlight from this experience.

Being a remote intern has also been extremely rewarding allowing me to gain this invaluable experience remotely whilst studying in Queensland. Being able to work-from-home gave me the flexibility I needed without missing a beat and learning a plethora of new skills and strengths.

The experience was fast-paced and rewarding, and I am extremely grateful to have been part of such a cohesive and hard-working team who are devoted to achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients. If you are looking to gain invaluable experience and learn from the industry professionals, I couldn’t recommend the TaurusAcademy© program more to develop your skills and build your professional network.

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