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An opportunity to complete an internship as an undergrad is valuable. Especially when working for a reputable company that provides a welcoming environment that encourages learning. I’ve had a lot of significant experiences that have given me a lot of insightful knowledge about the marketing and PR industries. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been given the chance to be a part of TaurusAcademy©.

Since day 1 of internship, I immediately felt welcomed and support by Taurus team. They constantly support and mentor me as I navigate this brand-new experience in the real world. I sincerely appreciated the Taurus team’s open communication style because it gave me a sense of direction regarding the tasks that needed to be accomplished, especially as a rookie in the Marketing and PR industry.

My internship at TaurusAcademy© inspired me to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts, ideas, and theories I had been studying for my bachelor’s degree. My personal skills, such as content creation skills and critical thinking skills has been enhanced by employing the Taurus Top 6 questions. I’ve also gained new abilities in blog writing, media tracking, media clipping, pitching, and social media contribution.

Working with a reputable CEO like Sharon Williams has been a valuable opportunity that has taught me the value of hard work, workplace management, and building a strong personal brand. Particularly on how to foster a productive workplace.

My expectations for the internship were surpassed. Since I had no prior experience before joining Taurus, the internship gave me a fantastic introduction to this field of work by revealing me how the industry processes, essentially facilitating me in deciding my career path. Beyond learning about the industry, the Taurus’ family-like culture is one of the aspects of being an intern that I enjoy the most. I loved how everyone was always willing to help and be receptive to my ideas. Every day I have the opportunity to learn something new or develop an existing skill. My internship has given me the motivation and self-assurance to identify my skills and pursue a career.

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