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TaurusAcademy is my first internship as I begin my career in marketing and I could not have hoped for a better experience. The work environment was truly amazing, with the team at Taurus being actively supportive in promoting my personal learning and growth all throughout this internship. Working alongside Sharon Williams, Taurus CEO has been a great learning experience, and she has inspired me to pursue my career with integrity and confidence.

TaurusAcademy gave me responsibilities that allowed me to further my skills in communication, writing, independence, and efficiency, and taught me new skills of workplace relations and professionalism. I gained knowledge about how a successful company is built and operated and gave me insight into what to look for in my future career. I found the amount of responsibility I was given incredibly valuable throughout my internship. As my skills grew, my tasks grew too, allowing me to gain confidence and trust in my own work.

When I think of an ‘intern’, I think of jobs such as grabbing coffees, however, from day one at Taurus my expectations were exceeded. I did not expect the amount of trust and responsibility I was given, but I believe that it is because of this trust that I am now much more equipped for a career in marketing going forward. I am sad to be leaving Taurus marketing, but I am extremely grateful for the skills and connections that I have collected, that I can take with me after this internship.

My advice for future interns would be to push yourself in this internship, try to go above and beyond, and put your best work into every task. The reward of new skills, knowledge and connections is worth it.

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