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Make your next event one to remember for all the right reasons!

Events create a powerful brand experience and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships between a brand and its networks. They provide opportunities to nurture genuine connections in ways that simply can’t be achieved online. 

At Taurus, we are known for our trademarked TaurusBullseye™ methodology, which means we start with a strategy to meet business objectives and deliver tangible business impact, every time. Our team of event planners starts by developing a business strategy before they get to the event, so we are sure you are going to get a return on your investment. Event success goes beyond great planning.   

So, what does it take to nail an event strategy?   

1.Define goals and objectives

The key to hosting a memorable event is understanding its purpose – assessing the why, who, and what this event is being held for. A wide variety of corporate events allow businesses to reach different goals, from brand activations to raising awareness, educating or passing on information, or glamourous charity galas to product launch to attract consumers and more. 

2.Understand your target audience

Defining your goals provides your event with a purpose. Once you’ve identified what the event should accomplish, determine what the needs and interests of your target audience are.  Who are they? Business partners, potential and/or existing clients or suppliers? This informs you on how to create an environment for attendees to feel most comfortable to relax, engage and create an experience that will be most memorable.  

3.Plan ahead of time

Not only is planning essential to determining what budget to allocate, but also the resources required and available. Establishing a clear timeline allows you to keep on top of deadlines and settle on finer details earlier, for budgeting, guest speakers, venue bookings, and more.  

Early planning allows you to build anticipation of what your event has to offer ahead of time and a better turnout overall. For example, this can include social media posts, newsletters, online website pages, and media outlets.

4.Create a positive environment

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment ensures your event is memorable for all the right reasons! In any corporate event, the atmosphere you set is significant to your event’s success. 

As an example – when holding an event intended for members of the public, using primarily corporate jargon can potentially alienate your audience and, most importantly, lose their interest. 

Reflect on ways in which attendees enjoy themselves at your corporate event i.e. entertainment, using appropriate language for the audience, and ensuring your location is accessible in person or online. 

5.End on a high note

After your event, make sure those attending leave with a positive impression. For example, saying goodbye with a gift (i.e. pens, mugs, treats) or sending follow-up emails to thank attendees helps your event stay memorable. Additionally, opportunities for your audience to provide feedback allow them to feel listened to whilst helping you to improve events planned in the future. 


If you are looking for assistance planning your next event, Taurus can help you make it a success. Click here to find out more. 

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