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Why events are a powerful networking and personal branding tool in 2023

Events are a strategic business and personal branding tool. In fact, research by Roy Morgan on behalf of BESydney, found an absence of events and attending events in lockdown was reported to have most negatively impacted networking, training opportunities, teamwork, and communication.  

Often the easiest to fall off the priority list, events play an important role in developing a strong personal and business network.   

To ensure you make the most of every opportunity in 2023, here are key reasons events should move up the agenda and why every business and individual needs to invest in attending.  


  1. Opportunities to connect

When you need to network, events are the place to be. Post-covid, events have become more experiential, diverse, and more accessible than ever. In-person events allow for personal interactions between you and your professional network. Lockdown laws prompted a wave of virtual alternatives, making events accessible wherever you are.  

However you attend, events help discover potential business prospects, partnerships, and new talent to grow your business. As well, being able to regularly reconnect with existing contacts helps you maintain long-lasting professional relationships. 


  1. Gain recognition in your industry

Defining your brand is important, and events are a great way to grow recognition and establish your presence within your industry. Moreover, trust is instilled within your service and/or product when you consistently attend key events.  

Different events bring different opportunities to put yourself out there in your professional community. For example, seminars, workshops, and conferences can provide speaking opportunities to share valuable experiences and insights.  

Hosting events benefits personal branding, displaying your initiative and contributions to your industry. TaurusEvents© is an offering that tailors programs to personal and business objectives. Whether you’re speaking at an event, sponsoring, hosting, or attending, a successful event can have your brand recognised as an authoritative voice in the industry, whilst maximising awareness and education of your brand.  


  1. Opportunities for personal growth

Networking events can open your horizons to different people who offer a unique wealth of knowledge. Seminars and workshops are examples of events held with the intention of providing other resources to advance their professional skills.  

Networking and building connections with like-minded people also helps identify opportunities such as partnerships or addressing challenges and gaps in the market. Growing your network through events means you can understand how to uniquely brand yourself against peers and competitors. This paves and encourages business growth for your brand and you as an individual and professional. 


  1. Creative collaboration

As covered, events empower you to connect with other professionals, grow your brand and tap into the opportunities for creative collaboration.  Attending events are a valuable way of keeping you in the know on current and anticipated trends, new services, and products within your relevant industries.  

During times of feeling stagnant and at a loss for inspiration, communicating to others internal and/or external to your business can ignite fresh new concepts to work from. Engaging in these spaces where unique creative minds can collaborate can elevate your work through the year. 


  1. Boost morale

Participating in events throughout the year is also effective in promoting positivity within your work. You can inspire personal motivation, whether attending to advance your own skill or appearing as a guest speaker to impact your own knowledge.  

Remaining active within your industry and promoting your personal brand provides a positive example to motivate employees and attract new talent. Events can encourage greater communication, from informing better practices in the workplace or providing employees a space for open conversations. Using this knowledge not only improves workplace culture but reflects leadership and professionalism.  

Looking for assistance in planning a business event? Click here to read our TaurusEvents© brochure, or call us on +61 2 9415 4528. 

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