The Taurus team continue to send you good wishes as you pull through this period at home & at work and have developed a CovidComms approach based on The TaurusBullseye© methodology to navigate your brand, team and customers specifically through this period.

Stay positive & strong. It will pass. We are here to help.

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Unwavering support from the Taurus team


Taurus can help you seize this opportunity


COVID-19 has left us in unchartered waters.

We’ve reached a new normalas we adapt almost by the hour to changing and challenging circumstances.

One thing is not changing.

That is, the Taurus ‘no bull’ approach, which for 26 years has underwritten the way we’ve supported, protected and built client brands.

Now, in these unprecedented times, the ‘no-bull’ mantra, has even stronger meaning as the Taurus team is committed 100 per cent, to provide support in meeting head-on these difficult challenges – both on a personal level and in our jobs.

At Taurus, we recognise and understand the feelings of anxiety, distress and concern many people and businesses may be experiencing in the present time. While acknowledging the time is right to push the start button on our economic recovery.

On a business level, it is important we don’t fear change. Change helps us become smarter. With many of the hundreds of clients, we’ve helped over the years. We are used to providing a helping hand in moments of change and transition, that need to be undertaken.

Now, in these difficult times, we are here to help you in a wide variety of ways. Whether it’s just as a sounding board or to navigate your family and your brand through these next six months.

While we have provided PR and Marketing for a specific outcome e.g. attracting new customers or re-establishing your brand, our expertise doesn’t stop there. Our business strategy employs our TaurusBullseye™ Methodology, along with our experienced Issues Management and Crisis Management offerings, which are in high demand. We are able to provide you with the appropriate tools to respond to emerging trends or changes in this ‘new normal.

It is always wise to keep an open mind on what else you could be doing. The worst thing we can do in situations like this is to look back after we have beaten COVID-19 and in hindsight, say “We should have done this.”

Be part of the Taurus Team Australia moment!

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The Taurus Team make the most of it

SW August Social Media Resilience 4

The power of customer experience post COVID-19

23rd February, 2022

Time of social and economic hardship is the ultimate stress-test of whether the relationship between companies and customers is robust enough to endure long term or so fragile that unexpected challenges can completely disrupt and derail the business.

Optimising customer experience and effectively managing connection is crucial in the current climate, as the impression businesses make now when clients are vulnerable, will strongly influence future, post-pandemic public opinion.

While the COVID-19 crisis and nationwide lockdown have threatened the everyday sense of security Australians are accustomed to, businesses can restore some stability and comfort to their customer and client base through dependable, responsive service and organic communication.

1. Communication, caring and change

Take your customer on the journey. As we start to navigate the road out of COVID-19, businesses must anticipate transformed customer needs and prepare for remnant uncertainty after the crisis has passed. Consumer spending trends have shifted and will remain changed after the global lockdowns are over, with more reserved and cautious behaviours expected. Many individuals have been cut off from steady income sources as a result of this pandemic, and countless households and businesses have been made aware of their own financial frailty.

It’s understandable customers and businesses alike may continue to be conservative in future spending practices, in order to replenish savings and bolster the bottom line. Brands can address this by communicating how their business is adding value to customers and clarifying what place their services and products have in supporting clients and consumers post-pandemic.

Connect more meaningfully than ever by conveying empathy, effort and exploration through remote customer service. Communicating with emotional intelligence, care and honesty build trust.

Reaching out to customers to thank them for sticking with the business, and to ask for feedback and insights, is an extra step that brands can take to help their clients feel valued. Utilise technology like CRM to create VIP lists of your most valuable and loyal customers, and then reach out to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Employees at the forefront of customer experience services can have invaluable information and advice on improving customer service and relations. They are a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked when reimagining how to pivot operations to support the situation now and in the future.

2. Customer focus and confidence

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, strong and consistent branding is an essential component of confidence and continuity amid times of change. An effective communication strategy empowers and establishes your business as adaptable, resilient and committed to supporting customers in a meaningful and relevant way. Doubling engagement is pivotal in strengthening connection, with both your clients and employees alike.

Customer care will be higher in quality and more productive if your employees are feeling recognised, supported and appreciated. Additionally, maintaining professionalism and high standards of conduct and presentation throughout your company can also help with internal motivation and retaining a sense of stability.

3. Humanise the virtual world

Customers encounter businesses across multiple channels and touchpoints from physical face to face, remote via phone or mail and digital including online and social media. Up until now, many organisations prioritised digital for efficiency. The irony is that now COVID-19 has forced the global adoption of digital tools and remote working environments, it’s no longer good enough to just make those experiences efficient.

People are craving connection and organisations must enhance their human side in the virtual world. Consider how you can embed and amplify human interaction across virtual channels. Be honest with your customers about what’s changed, nurture shared connection and surprise them with unexpected generosity.

4. Forge the future together

Turn shared pain into shared gain. Going through hard times together provides the opportunity for businesses to deepen their relationship with customers and industry. The proactive and innovative measures companies take to support clients now will only fortify connections in the long term. They may even pave the way for how brands and customers will work together in the future.

COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on customers and companies, changing the way we interact, connect and collaborate. As we look to building the new normal, we know that companies and consumers can adapt in a positive way to change and work together to create a bright and prosperous future.

It’s time to reinvent, rebuild and recover. If you’re planning to reach the other side, we’d be delighted to help review your marketing and business strategy using our integrated TaurusBullseye Methodology! Ask us about our Bullseye strategy and crisis communications offerings at [email protected]


Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

What Office Life Looks Like After lockdown

23rd January, 2022

It goes without saying, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy on business. As we adapt and change to fit into the new workplace environment, we have received a wealth of information and recommendations. Businesses are being encouraged now more than ever to maintain their productivity.

So, what will life look like back at the office?

What we have learned these last few months is that the source of nurturing our workplace starts with mental health and the individuals that comprise a business. We have a duty of care to one another to help minimise those psychological effects that may be present in a total online environment. The new normal we now experience, has pushed teams to be more mindful, connected and empathetic with one another, ultimately creating a healthier and happier workspace as more and more people are looking for flexible working arrangements.

Mental health research provides clear evidence on how to effectively keep your head above water when working from home but it doesn’t yet tell us how to manage flexible working arrangements. Although we’ve all heard it all before, routines, good eating, boundaries, breaks and exercise continue to be the most effective and important methods of nurturing and maintaining positive mental health while working through pandemic lockdowns.

So, what are the key things we really need to adopt when we go back to the office? Here are our four tips on how to manage life back at the office.

Communication is key

Managing working from home while your team are in the office may take some getting used to so keep the communication open. There may be initial connectivity adjustments so prepare for an initial teething period so you reduce how tricky it is to navigate. Maintain transparency and call it how it is, while everyone settles in.

Manage your expectations

For some, there will be that break away from home schooling to be back at the office, others will be dreading the commute and bustle of office life – all of which will take some adjusting. Manage expectation and go easy as you find your feet again.

Establish a new routine and structure

Whether you’re back in the office or still working from home, structuring your day is a good start to maintaining a positive outlook on your work performance. By having structure, you can plan, focus and create an ideal schedule to help your day flow.

Seek help and support

If we’ve learnt anything from working from home, it’s that you’re not in this alone. Seeking support from friends, family, colleagues, mentors or loved ones is a healthy way to create a safe environment not only for yourself but others as well. Most importantly, if problems, issues or feelings persist, be open to seeking professional help and finding more ways to prioritise your work-related mental health.

As we work together to create safe workspaces to nurture mental health, we also work together to create an emotionally intelligent workforce.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Why Accepting the Status Quo Was Never Part of My Plan

15th December, 2021

Settling for the status quo is not a part of my plan. The world is full of builders, stabilisers and destroyers. I once was told there are  the builders who tend to create, stabilisers who keep things going and then there are destroyers, a necessary evil. The ones who break things down, reinvent and restart the cycle. I have had to be all three of these in my career. And I love it.

I’m a single parent with three children who depend on me. I also have clients who depend on me to give them advice, and I have staff who depend on me to pay them, so they in turn can support their families and pay their mortgages. And that is a great privilege. But it comes with pressure to succeed.

That pressure to get it right, is why I created the Taurus Bullseye™, an approach to defining business goals and then setting out to turn them into reality. With all my years of experience and accumulated knowledge, I wanted to create a simple yet sophisticated methodology that underpins my approach to business and offers a template to my clients and my team.

The Bullseye talks about hitting the centre of the dartboard or as we describe it, the centre of a target you’re aiming for. We start with Business objectives, sending out a questionnaire to new clients asking them first and foremost, what is their ideal scene. Then we move on to marketing and comms and peel back the layers that we need to know, creating clarity and a roadmap to make those goals happen. We then turn that into 90-day plans with a clear direction and quantified outcomes to success.

Success looks different for everyone.

If you take a quick scroll through the Taurus website, you will see an impressive client list with eminent names such as Commonwealth Bank, Dicker Data, Blackmores, Invocare, QBE, MLC and a host of other instantly recognisable brands and companies. We work with start-up entrepreneurs through to ASX-listed multi-nationals, but I measure our success by repeat clients.

Some of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years and some have started companies, become successful, sold and started again. There’s one business that is now on its fifth company with us. But the link between success and our clients is the methodology, looking for what it is you want to achieve and then setting it in stone and working towards it.

I get no greater satisfaction than meeting with our clients after a year and popping the cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate what magnificent work we have all done. That is an amazing feeling and why I continue to focus strongly on the key objectives – the Bullseye.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Social media takes centre stage for brand building in COVID-19 era

10th November, 2021

With the #newnormal, comes new responsibilities. As business owners and brands paddle their way around the COVID-19 global pandemic, it comes with a series of aged old worries, amplified – from customer retention to employee wellbeing and overhead costs. However, amongst all these business issues it is important to not lose sight of what counts in the long run – maintaining your customer base.

Media consumption has done a 180 on us overnight. COVID-19 has seen an increase in online and broadcast consumption. While in isolation and staying home, TV and social media are the go-to platforms for daily (or even hourly) news updates.

Your social media strategy is more important now than ever. Here are a few tips on keeping momentum and maintaining your brand presence on social media in a COVID-19 era:

1. Avoid Being Opportunistic

Now is not the time to ramp up good old fashion sales tactics, but to lend a helping hand. What services can you offer to help your customers?

Yes, it is important to push your brand’s product and services, so you stay relevant (and in business!), but understand that everyone out there is looking at cost savings, so what business value are you giving your customers?

In short: Be present, be genuine, provide value and message how you can help.

2. Create an emotional connection

Consistently create an emotional connection with your customers by inviting them to anticipate what you have in store. Encourage interaction with consumers through productive and fun activities, e.g. Instagram Lives featuring expert Q&As, online DIY and skills classes or behind the scenes footage of what is happening in your business currently.

What are you doing as a business to #pivot so that your customers can gain some inspiration and follow you through this crisis?

3. Monitor your audience

Once you have used social media to leverage your brand, look at your numbers. Which posts are faring well? Do your customers enjoy short videos detailing insights into how your business is adapting? What is the number of clicks on your pinned posts?

Asking these questions frequently will aid your business in turning the tides quicker.

However, none of this will matter if it is not done in an efficient and quick manner, which brings us to the next point – proactivity.

4. Proactivity – become change-oriented and anticipate the future

Businesses who do not respond to the crisis in time risk falling behind and losing themselves in the clutter and the chatter. Consumers have increasingly become time-poor and seek comfort, connectivity and reassurance. A simple note of thanks, an update on delivery wait times, a feel-good quote or a smart tip can go a long way in securing your customer base long after this crisis has ended.

5. Finally, ensure consistency.

Confirm your social media team has been educated on what type of stance your business is taking, what results you are looking to gain from your social media presence and how to monitor and respond to changes. Set clear guidelines on what type of messaging you want to broadcast to your audience.

Customers value thoughtful posts and consistency. Create brand awareness by asking yourself how you will add value to your social media page. Remember, consistency builds trust.

TaurusSocial© is an innovative service offered by Taurus, advising you on every aspect of your social media presence, what you should be doing, what works and what to steer clear of in these unprecedented times. Read more about TaurusSocial© here.‍

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Out Of Lockdown? The New Impact On Our Mental Health

20th October, 2021

As parts of Australia gradually come out of lockdown, there are mixed feelings on the positive changes that took place during the pandemic, and an emphasis by employers to help teams identify ways to cope as we emerge from this period of social isolation.

Discussions around mental health have dominated during the pandemic surrounding working from home (WFH) and the strict quarantine environments. This (in some cases) almost two-year period of isolation has given individuals the opportunity to self-reflect and learn more about their mental and physical wellbeing and what is important.

So, how do we maintain these positive changes when we return to so called ‘normal’ life?

The reality is that that everyone is re-adjusting returning to normal life at their own pace. For many this may take some time and that’s okay. For others, it already seems like the lockdown was a distant memory.

The anticipation of coming out of lockdown may cause anxiety for some, whether it’s the commute, going back to the office or just socially interacting with people more regularly for the first time in a while. Individuals have been affected by lockdown in different ways so it’s only natural that some people may be hesitant about transitioning back to the new ‘normal’.

Here are four steps you can take to ensure healthy mental health practices are maintained in your personal and professional life as we emerge from lockdown:

1. Time management is key

Lockdown provided individuals with a different use of their time. With little or no commuting, limited social plans and reduced movement, individuals were forced to self regulate work and leisure and take a pause and reflect.

Many people have used the time in lockdown to focus on their mental health through acts of self-care and spirituality, some even saying they found valuable time to examine routines, relationships and their purpose in order to reconnect with themselves.

Such valuable self-care or spirituality is something we could bring with us into the hustle of day-to-day life.

By managing time and expectations, individuals can develop positive mental wellbeing routines that suit the fast-paced environment we are all used to.

2. Manage readjustment and expectations on step at a time

Take everything step by step. This gives you space to focus on what you can control and allows you to ease back to a new routine at your own pace. This may be saying no to plans with friends or talking to your boss about a continued work from home attendance.

It is important to pause and self-reflect on how you are getting on as time progresses.

3. Allocate time to manage self-care and boundaries

Returning to the office or enjoying social activities can be draining in the initial stages of coming out of lockdown. However, don’t feel discouraged by this as experts say, this is completely normal. Our bodies are accustomed to staying at home with limited movement around the house. Your full energy will be back before you know it, with time, routine and patience.

It is recommended you give yourself time to rejuvenate. After almost two years of no international travel and limited time to go on a break, maybe it is time to take some annual leave and go on holidays to relax, revive and reset.

Finally, make sure you are still prioritising time for self-care, the typical advice to exercise, get enough sleep, eat healthily and taking time for yourself is essential for yourself and those around you.

4. Reach out to others

As this is an uncertain time for many, these anxieties are not just at an individual level. By having conversations with those around us, we can all play a part in supporting one another during this transformational time and in shaping a more positive and mindful environment for everyone.

For more advice on how to prioritise your mental health in trying times, Taurus client, Dr Frank Chow of 2OP Health at: is offering great advice and individual and workplace consultations. Dr Frank Chow is a psychiatrist and the director of 2OP Health. He is a specialist in organisational and occupational psychiatric service, specialising in work related mental health care. With years of experience, Dr Frank Chow is passionate about advocating early intervention, education and rehabilitation for all individuals so that they can get back on track with improved clarity, motivation and fulfilment at work.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

“I feel like I am living with Gladys”

8th September, 2021

For weeks, the extended Taurus team and I feel we have been tied to the one conversation we are having at 11am each day.

24/7 – it is all about COVID.

And it’s not just inside our homes that Covid speak feels overwhelming.

A trip to the local café for a takeaway provides a widescreen TV with the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian being interviewed and providing another update on COVID transmissions and vaccinations.

We are being encouraged not to look at case numbers but to focus on vaccination.

With Covid cases edging over 1,000 a day, the Premier is working towards getting us out of this. The 5kms rule has seriously impacted my freedom.

The comms approach however is to be applauded. She uses every means at her disposal to let the people of New South Wales know what is happening each day.

I am wishing the day comes soon when, like Singapore, authorities no longer need to report daily transmission and vaccination numbers and we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Back home, families say “You don’t watch scary movies anymore. You just watch the news.”

The tone of the comment touches on another point. There is another reality emerging which isn’t so widely canvassed by those in power and that is the independent views of young adults living under the one roof, as I do, and who have conflicting views about getting the jab. This is even though Gladys, her Health Minister, Brad Hazzard and our NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, aren’t mixing their words:

Vaccination rates continued to be the most important number in terms of the easing of restrictions.”

The reality is we are living in 2021 and these young adults spend so much of their time reading articles that don’t necessarily align with the thinking of our powerbrokers and question whether the jab is for them. Some of these principles of taking a stand based on their own research might well be challenged if vaccination passports are being rolled out.

Where does individual rights and choice stand?

My own office building has dictated, only those who are double vaccinated will be allowed back to work.

I worry for my children, they have no choice. As travel, a sporting game (either as a participant or a spectator) depends on showing a two jab COVID vaccination card. In the UK, the public are fighting this as we speak on the basis of how it will be policed.

Time will tell on this front for NSW and Australia.

Regardless of which camp you sit in or your beliefs, we all need to protect our mental health and those around us.

Exercise is helping so many people stay sane during this lockdown. The amount of exercise and how strenuous it is obviously depends on our health and age.  I was taken back to read a dog walker announce he was fined $500 by police for not wearing a face mask because his exercise didn’t look “strenuous enough.”  I walk fast with my dog each morning.

It’s a shame to have to live in fear.

Now with so many people walking (at whatever speed) police have confirmed this falls under the heading of exercise. As to the Balmain dog walker, police said there was more to the story.

While I try to stay in the best space regarding my mental health and that of my team, we are constantly helping each other with tips and advice. We even did a stretch this am as we did our morning team meeting.

To help us all during these difficult times, here are some tips:

  1. Keep physically active
  2. Eat well
  3. Drink in moderation
  4. Value yourself and others
  5. Talk about your feelings
  6. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones (as best we can under current COVID restrictions)
  7. Care for others
  8. Help make light of the situation when you can

And perhaps as we started, it’s best to limit the news items you watch each day.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group


 Something to Say about Leadership

19th August, 2021

For the past 2 years, businesses have been doing everything they can to keep their heads above water. With a global pandemic and the on-again, off-again lockdowns, whole industries have been crippled and the flow-on effect is still yet to be determined. 

But now is not the time for business owners to bury their head in the sand. Believe it or not, this forced pause could offer a golden opportunity for adopting a winning mindset that can set the course for further growth. 

It’s certainly hard times, you just have to hold the line and realize that real leadership isn’t judged on good times, but it’s how you behave in challenging times that is key.  It’s a case of weighing up the situation, costs, landscape, predictions and making the best decisions calmly and sensibly. There is always a way, always a solution, stay solid, no bull, and just work it through.

In July 2021, just two weeks into Sydney’s longest lockdown and most troubling outbreak of COVID-19, Taurus launched the rebrand of Taurus Marketing, complete with a gold logo. This rebrand was about sending a message of prosperity, we have done it because reinvention or as we call it – a refresh – is key to brand longevity, we have to be clever and reinvent to stay relevant.

Here are our tips for staying relevant and adapting a winning attitude in challenging times:

Make brave decisions / take risks

I think it’s important to take the bull by the horns and stand up and stand out in hard times. Brands must make their voice heard. It is vital to send a message of hope to your clients, industry, team and motivates them to strive for new and better things to drive change and stand up and be counted.

Look outwards / seek advice

Hold the line, bring your team, advisors, and accountant closer than ever, cut costs where you can ask loyal suppliers for more than they normally give, get good advice, and communicate and then communicate again. Business leaders can’t afford to put their head in the sand at a time like this.

Reduce waste / prioritize

In times of crisis, it’s imperative to rally as a team and be more accountable than ever. Accountable to the business, to your team, and them to you, to your clients and network. No time should be your new motto! No time to deal with stuff that is unnecessary.


Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Resilience is Gold

6th August, 2021

If you, like me are glued at night to the Olympics, it is a proud and inspiring week for Australians.

Our Olympians are breaking records in the most extenuating circumstances and winning lots of medals and while this is boosting Aussie spirits at home during COVID lockdown it is their resilience and bravery that stands out to me the most.

As they simultaneously go through some of the biggest hardships they have endured, away from loved ones and supporters, isolated from crowds, so many of them have reached the pinnacle of their sporting journey after traversing the peaks and the lows in their careers.

More so than most, these sports people understand the importance of resilience and the desire to fight-back when times are tough.

It isn’t just the medal winners that provide this inspiration.

There are athletes who have trained so hard for the past four years to perform on the world stage and then are disqualified for breaking at the start of an athletic race or clipping a hurdle while leading the field.

To pick yourself up after this takes real grit. An inspiration and a lesson for everyone when facing acute personal challenges and disappointments. Many way out of our own control.

While this pandemic seems harder than the last for a variety of reasons, these lessons buoy us, at the same time we are being asked to pull together to get on top of COVID-19.

A study undertaken at Harvard University suggests we think of resilience as a seesaw or balance scale, where negative experiences tip the scale toward bad outcomes and positive experiences tip it toward good outcomes.

Importantly, we need to be aware of what we can and can’t control. Feelings of uncertainty can make us stressed and anxious. This is a time to learn to problem solve and stay connected with friends and family.

Seeking additional support isn’t something to be embarrassed about and here in Australia we have a wealth of mental health organisations that are just a phone call away. So, while we still don’t know an end date for COVID 19 lockdowns it’s a great time to take inspiration from our Olympians.

Note that after the Tokyo Games our Olympians need to go into quarantine for two weeks. Sending them lots of good wishes as they come down from the highs of their magical moments at the Olympics. From Taurus, we are thinking of you and your families and hope you are setting the gold medal standard in looking after your mental health.

Meanwhile, I am here to help develop a toolkit of skills to adapt and find solutions in these times.

We have a choice. Define the crisis or let it define us.

I am choosing to be optimistic about today and tomorrow and well into the future.

It will be OK.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Sari Roos

20th July, 2021

Finnish nurse and teacher Sari Roos discovered the ‘air bubble trick’ that makes it possible to extract up to 40% more from the precious vaccine vials.

She begins by drawing a little vaccine into the syringe and then pushing it back up the vial to get rid of air in the syringe.

She then draws the exact dose and completes it with sterile air from the vial.

My family doctor was telling me about this on Wednesday night when I had my first Pfizer vaccination. Using Sari’s wisdom, he is able to extract an extra 80 vaccinations from a batch of 600 and vaccinate 80 additional patients from each shipment.

Not surprising, Pfizer has accepted Sari’s brilliant and effective methodology.

Apologies for ‘piggybacking’ but we too have a brilliant and effective methodology worth mentioning and worth your while investigating.

It’s called the TaurusBullseye©, and it’s designed to extract and define marketing strategy and then roll out marketing campaigns to create a better future.

To find out more, ask us today.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

What a year was 2020

1st February, 2021

As we kick off the new year and the holiday season comes to an end, most of us are slowly gearing back to work. The out of office messages are slowing as many get back to routine. Here at our beautiful sky high offices in Barangaroo, the buzz is growing and the cafes are filling.

It is the same for us at Taurus. We are gearing up to full throttle as clients prepare to ramp up their marketing spend to deal with the challenges 2021 is bringing.

Brands will need to be clearer about their offering, faster to communicate, adjust strategy and amend tactics to make headway and push through this next six months. The end of Jobkeeper in March will see another obstacle as companies navigate these ever changing times.

We are here to help and our TaurusBullseye© methodology is winning again and again to serve clients from technology businesses through to a Paralympian speaker.

Meanwhile, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a very happy, prosperous and safe new year.

I look forward to hearing from you to see how we can support you best in 2021.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Are you ready for Australia’s comeback in 2021? And your own?

16th December, 2020

COVID has thrown up so many challenges this past year. And, while the impact of the pandemic has been devastating on some individuals and businesses, it has also given us the opportunity to re-define the fighting spirit of Australians to survive and prosper in difficult times.

I’m proud we have become the envy of the world as we’ve fought the pandemic and I am particularly proud of New South Wales, my State and particularly our Premier on how she has handled our well being.

On a National scale, we’ve watched daily news headlines paint a very broad, if not confusing and even contradictory picture of where Australia finds itself at the moment. The Federal Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, says Australia has emerged from its first recession in 30 years but I am conscious it isn’t all sunny skies ahead and there is still plenty of ground to make up post coronavirus pandemic.

Without question, Australia had defied market expectations and performed better on the health and economic fronts than many other countries during COVID. Another good sign is that 80 per cent of the 1.3 million Australians who lost their jobs or had their working hours reduced to zero at the start of the pandemic are now back at work.

That said, according to the latest official figures, there is still 1 million Australians out of work or underemployed. The hope is that with business and consumer confidence steadily returning, these numbers can be markedly reduced in 2021.

Some industries like international tourism, education and events are going to take a while to bounce back. The easing of restrictions on hospitality, stadiums, outdoor events, weddings and retail is a relief to those businesses that have struggled to survive the last 12 months.

News about a COVID vaccine being close provides further hope, especially for countries like the United States and Europe where thousands of people are still dying from the pandemic and their economies continue to be in freefall. My heart goes out to those in my home country of England where the pandemic numbers continue to be shattering.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia is in a much better position from the impact of COVID but still facing some known and yet unknown challenges ahead in 2021.

The pandemic has been a first for most of us. It has been a tough race.

We have the immediate future to prepare for when the Governments stimulus packages – Job Keeper and Job Seeker- are planned to shut down in March leaving individuals and businesses with renewed challenges.

Considering the global impact, are we ready for Australia’s comeback in 2021?

Experienced marathon runners will tell you the halfway mark in the 42km marathon isn’t 21km, but rather at the 38km mark when you really have to dig in to reach the finishing line. We haven’t reached the halfway mark yet in Australia in getting on top of this pandemic, but we have the fight, the spirit and the leadership to all be winners.

My company has been in business for 26 years and as we emerge through the next phase and new year, we continue to evolve. My team have shown me their true mettle and I am so proud of how they have soldiered through this, each with their own personal challenges.

This past 12 months, we have continued to service our clients to the highest standard in difficult circumstances.

But just like taking on a marathon where you need to train harder, 2021 means we have no ceiling on our thinking to be the best we can as individuals and for the business.

At the same time, it’s key you, we, take care of ourselves and those around us because one of the silent dangers of the pandemic, could well be waiting to surface as a result of the stress on people’s mental health. There are professional services available, so don’t hesitate to CALL LOUDLY for help.

Merry Christmas and a happy, as well as prosperous New Year to everyone.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

The AHA moment 2020

20th November, 2020

In the past and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked at the lead up to Christmas as moving towards an aha moment – a celebration and a “circuit breaker” to another year complete.

This year, as we know, has been dramatically different. Challenging for even the strongest individuals and the most productive and previously profitable businesses.

Focussed, demanding, driven, stressful, unchartered – there hardly seems to be enough words to describe how the world and we have been turned upside down in 2020.

As we race towards the end of the year, I am conscious the battle continues and this Christmas may be more difficult for many.

But, although 2020 is the year some of us would like to block out, ever the optimist, I believe 2021 will provide new challenges and equally new opportunities. It is a time to re-invent. A chance to find new ways of doing things, new ways of collaborating, new technologies and re-align strategic and personal plans with a renewed clarity and a “no-bull”, outcomes driven focus.

What started as a health crisis, is now fundamentally an economic battle. Our priorities as leaders is to empower, push and take care of our people, and ourselves. Embrace flexibility and change and re-purpose roles to keep our businesses afloat. It’s about re-skilling, encouraging cross-training and getting our teams armed and ready for this next vital, recovery stage as we rebuild the economy for the country – particularly for our young.

My company Taurus has been able to reinvent regularly after 26 years in business and proudly, has done so again this year in order to deliver business value time and time again to our clients. The Taurus team has seen it through, held the line and never wavered in their commitment to the business and our customers.

In these difficult times, the first thing we should do, is to continue making sure we live and breathe constant communication, empathy and provide positive experiences – with staff and with the broader world – which is where our next opportunities wait.

If you think there is something more you should be doing but not sure it’s the right answer – let our experienced team at Taurus help provide a fresh point of view.

Looking forward to making 2021 a year when we can reflect back at this same time, that it was a prosperous and far easier year.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group


18th September, 2020

COVID-19 has tested leadership in unimaginable ways and created change that is here to stay

Leaders who can stay level-headed, emphasize clarity, motivate a team, act decisively and quickly amidst uncertainty and risk are better placed for survival and reinvention.

Transparency is key to keep your team updated, motivated and on track. As leaders, we are in a unique position to accelerate positive change to impact our organisations and people for the better.

This is certainly not a time to put your head in the sand.

For those operating on full staff, normal hours and no job cuts this is testament to your strength and resilience – or the relevance of your service and product offering in this new normal – but for all of us and almost every scenario, it has not been business as usual.

Now is the time for us to work even more closely together, invent new ways of doing things, new ways of interacting and re-align strategic plans with clarity and a “no bull” and outcomes-driven focus.

Simplicity cuts through.

The priorities are to empower your people, embrace flexibility and re-purpose roles to keep the business afloat and your staff in their jobs.  It’s about re-skilling, encouraging cross training and getting the team prepared and ready for the next stage of, what started as a health crisis, but is now fundamentally an economic battle.

Courage, fortitude and tenacity is at the forefront of leadership required right now. These values are held tightly at Taurus.

As leaders we have to prepare ourselves, the business and our teams for the disruption and new set of skills to get through this unprecedented period.

Success will depend on you and your team’s ability to constantly adjust to a changing environment, assess speed, agility and cost savings to create best scenario planning.

We need our team to be proactive and embrace the opportunities presented, rethink how we work and invent new and better ways of working.

Champions will emerge, way above their job descriptions.

Now is absolutely the time to revisit internal communications, business plans, operational procedures and staff expectations to stay ahead, share strategy, learn from the experience and move forward which may be away from how things used to be done.

In conversation with my client CEO’s and peer group, it is clear this modern global crisis has created devastation and change for many brands.  BUT the upside is, we are being provided with endless new opportunities.

IF we focus, call upon our teams to help and create new ways of thinking, learning and working, things will be better and for the foreseeable future.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

COVID-19 is moving the finishing line

4th August, 2020

A further 250,000 businesses shut down today in Victoria Australia

As each day brings on new challenges and our neighbours in Victoria enter their harshest moment yet, what is the shortest way to the finishing line for Australia?

There are a few options.

We have been asked to be sensible. If wearing a face mask, practising social distancing and constantly washing or sanitizing our hands helps bring the finishing line closer to this dark phase in Australia’s history on our health and economy, I’m 100% on board.

A few months ago, we were planning a period of lockdown – not an extended lockdown. Having navigated this initial five months, we hoped August would be the time for consumer spending and businesses to kick-start or, at least, take first steps toward the normality we take for granted.

But for now, we are thinking about Victorians as we wish them individual strength and a speedy recovery from this tough time. Healthy Victorians and a prosperous Victoria, which represents over a quarter of Australia’s economy, is what all Australians want for the good of this great nation.

In NSW, our Premier has declared this week is a “make or break’’ week for our State.

Our efforts to date in meeting the pandemic challenge have been admirable but continuing that success and avoiding it spiralling out of control requires us all pulling together more than ever to continue to be sensible and focussed.

On an individual level, I am calling out to my team and my family, because it’s so important we look after our No 1 asset – our mental and physical health.

Our lives will be different for a while yet, but it is reassuring that the experts, the professionals like those working in Government, Beyond Blue, Lifeline and the Black Dog Institute – to mention a few – have helpful advice on their websites.

The stress on business and families is there for us all to see.

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you, or someone you know, is struggling to keep on top of their feelings, particularly as a result of isolation. We can all help and start by staying in touch with members of our own family and our work colleagues. I am inviting my team members to take time out.

I have chosen to be upbeat, a half-cup full, continuously reinventing and go for growth. I will stick to what I know and what I believe in over the last 26 years and continue to produce tangible outcomes and deliver time and time again much-needed business counsel and value to our clients – whatever the state of the economy.

In these challenging times, the first thing business should be doing is making sure it lives and breathes constant communication and care – with staff and with the broader world where the next business opportunity (and therefore sustainability) waits.  If you think, there is something more you should be doing, but not sure it is the answer, let our experienced team at Taurus help provide a fresh point of view.

Be assured we will reach the finishing line if we remain sensible, show deep care of each other and over-communicate to see us through.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

I am preparing for Round 2 – how are you?

1st July 2020

This last few months has been a journey, but this next 3 months promises to be just as tough.

I recollect it was 24 September 1993, (local time) and the whole of Australia erupted with excitement when Sydney was announced as the host city for the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Australia appeared a united country after a momentous victory over world powerhouses like Beijing (China) and Manchester (The United Kingdom). The self-confidence of the Australian people was at an all-time high. All of the country adopted the bid’s theme, Share the Spirit.

Now, 27 years on, the date September 24 2020 is going to have a whole new meaning and is potentially another landmark moment in our history. It’s when the Government’s stimulus package (Job Keeper and Job Seeker) in our fight against COVID-19 is scheduled to end.

How we as Australians, business owners, team players, families and individuals respond will be the big challenge facing us in the second half of 2020.

If you and your business have managed to survive the last three months during the height of this health and economic crisis, it says a lot about your character, guts and smarts. But the new challenge is to maintain the tenacity and drive to see your tribe through, not only to keep your head and theirs above water but to prosper over the next four to six months and beyond.

As CEO of Taurus, although I am naturally a half cup full person, I need that optimism to inspire people around me in my business as well as my clients, current and into the future, to continue to lead them through this crisis.

Taurus has been in business for more than 26 years and we are still here since COVID-19 hit. My experience over a quarter of a century has steeled me and those around me to adapt, pivot and remain not just relevant but a lifeline for other businesses.

During the pandemic, Taurus has been conducting business as normal as far as we can through virtual links and in the last couple of days/weeks Taurus has

restarted face-to-face meetings with clients and, at all times, observing social distancing requirements.

Now we are ready to make the next big jump into a new office. The office is state of the art and is a big step up for Taurus.

Having said that it is the strongest message I can shout out to the world and my own team, on how we feel about the future direction of our company. It is not just bravado in taking this step; but rather having the confidence that we as leaders in Australia have a fighting spirit to come out on top and if we take actions to set the scene, we will come through.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Sharon’s Business Survival Guide

This is leadership in the new normal

  1. Look at what needs to happen today, in a month and in 6 months.
  2. Determine quickly your cashflow threshold to match the same periods above.
  3. Identify weaknesses and threats.
  4. Ask your suppliers for help – what can they do?
  5. Over-communicate with staff and customers.
  6. Work out what has to cut and communicate it fast.
  7. Ask your people, what is their minimum home budget to survive – can they afford pay cuts – amazing teams will pull together to keep their job security and keep business afloat.
  8. Look at the leader you are in the mirror and Stand Tall. Then Taller. This is why you are the leader.
  9. Make key decisions quickly and decisively.
  10. Re-examine your business and it’s new potential.
  11. Make a new plan.
  12. Get some Sleep. Wake up and repeat!

Sharon in Kochies Business Builders 'Heading back to the office'

Read more about our TaurusBullseye© Methodology

Welcome to the 'Digital Renaissance'

Leadership & Personal Brand in time of crisis

Top tips for small businesses on the road to recovery

3 July 2020

New normal, pivot, a virtual world, reinvent, re-strategise, and making the most of your digital communication capabilities.

These are just some of the terms we wake up to since we started to navigate our way along the tough road to recovery, and to staying in business.

And, to think three months ago before COVID-19 turned our lives upside-down, you were probably working five, six or maybe even seven days a week. Just like the rest of your team (many of whom are still working from home now or are on reduced hours in the hope to return to normal) and while it was always hard to make ends meet it wasn’t nearly as complex as the position we find ourselves in today.

Lots of things have changed in a very short space of time and as a small business, we need to battle-hard to meet head-on the challenges ahead in these uncharted waters.

Advice and tips are being handed out by the plenty and a lot of them make sense, while others may not. At the end of the day, it comes down to common sense. Survival is paramount. Survivors are ethos with the initiative to know the priority is to re-strategise and pivot for longevity.

While COVID-19 is the crisis now in 2020, brand transitions have a long history of evolution. There are numerous success stories here companies have faced the need to reinvent, to rebuild and to stay alive. Those that pivot will win. This global pandemic has created change and the upside is, this provides us with endless new opportunities.

After 26 years running a successful marketing and Public Relations company, I, as the CEO, am the first to admit COVID-19 has tested leadership in unimaginable ways. Not wanting to overload you with another long list of tips I have selected what I call my “diamonds for survival.”

1. Make smart business and financial decisions

Importantly, as we come out of COVID-19 and are faced with the threat of recession, look at what needs to happen today, in a month and in six months, and determine quickly your cashflow threshold. Companies able to act decisively and quickly amidst uncertainty and risk will have more chance of survival The best decisions are taken after identifying the weaknesses and threats to your business. It’s not a time to put your head in the sand.

2. Be a transparent leader

I’m in the PR and marketing business, so I take a lesson from what I tell clients on a daily basis: Over-communicate with staff, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Show leadership. If in doubt, look in the mirror and stand tall. Being upfront and transparent with your staff is ethical and they will respect you for doing so. You may need to ask your people what their minimum home budget is to survive – can they afford pay cuts. Amazing teams will pull together to keep their job security and keep businesses afloat.

Plan and be open to evolving!

Now is the time to stay ahead, avoid complacency, and review your marketing strategy. Make a new plan. When your handing out advice to your employees remind them that their digital resume and personal brand is more important than ever in this new era of change. Remind them that human connection and brand empathy is such an important sales tool in business. It is also a time to take the time to invest in your learning to upskill.

Good luck!

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Hello video calls

5 oclock club edit 2

family time


& a new addiction to baking!

Charlotte Baking

The power of customer experience post COVID-19

Social Media for Brand Building in the COVID Era

You will survive – Your new mantra

1st May 2020

Are you feeling tipsy?

By that I mean, are you awash with all the tips and solutions circulating to navigate through business in this COVID-19 time? If you are one of the lucky ones, like me, to still be in business you must be doing something right. So why might you still feel anxious, or at least ultra-cautious and worried about the future?

At least some of the doubts about weathering the Coronavirus pandemic are behind us and there is an air of expectation that we are moving closer to the other side to get the wheels of industry turning over once again.

We have battened down the hatches, made smart, fast decisions and done the hard yards and it would appear, the country is winning the health battle.

However, realistically, you would have to think this is just the first phase of a crisis that has gripped the world and is now readying itself to reveal the ugly picture about the state of each country’s economy. The how it was, how it is and how it is going to be. The good, the bad and will it be…the ugly?

I think we must brace.  The road ahead that brings about an economic recovery is going to be tough.  It will call on all our strength and smarts as we learn to exist and operate in a vastly different world in the weeks and months ahead.

So, I urge you, rather than feeling relief we are winning the health battle, now is the time to mobilise and re-think the future.

Make it your Mantra: I Will Survive. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The last thing you want is to be one of those companies that does not survive the COVID-19 pandemic having got this far, or flounders when you get to the other side and look at what that view looks like.  The survivors will be those that have the initiative to know they need to re-strategise and pivot for longevity

While COVID-19 is the crisis right this minute in 2020, brand transitions have a long history and there are numerous success stories from years and years where companies have faced the need to reinvent, rebuild and to stay alive.

Those that pivot will win. A global crisis like the Coronavirus creates change, and the upside is, this provides endless new opportunities. For change, for the better, forever.

I am, as the CEO, the first to admit the Coronavirus has tested leadership in Australia, in unprecedented ways.

Getting ahead of the next stage in the Coronavirus crisis is of paramount importance. Our Covid-19 page is full of resources to assist your brand through.

With expectations growing that we are crossing to the other side, now is the time to stay ahead, avoid complacency and review your marketing strategy. We look forward to being of assistance as we evolve together through this time and reach the other side.

Make a new plan. Good Luck!

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

Working from home the #newnormal

Just like you, we are experiencing unprecedented circumstances during the Coronavirus pandemic. With empty supermarket shelves, confronting media stories and working from home in new situations – stress is at the forefront.

Our, your team and families mental health is paramount. With social isolation and changed living circumstances coming into play.

Here are 10 tips to make life easier:

  1. Reach out to resources to help your mental health. (Beyond BlueLifelineHeadspace)
  2. Over-communicate with everyone in your world.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Get enough mental and physical rest.
  5. Be prepared for constant change.
  6. Plan your meals for the day.
  7. Keep in contact with those who provide you with light and peace.
  8. Less running around to meetings means you will be sitting more so pro-actively plan exercise.
  9. Set new protocols for working remotely with all in your world.
  10. Encourage a laugh to keep the mood light.

The Taurus team sends you wishes of support and self-care at this time.

Don’t be afraid to say the latest five letter word (Pivot)

17th April 2020

We are entering a vastly different world once we come out the other side of the Coronavirus tunnel.

So ask yourself, which of the following two scenarios best describes your situation:

1. My business is in high demand

2. My brand needs to pivot

If you selected no 1, it’s worth remembering the words of successful businessman Warren Buffett “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.’’

So while everything seems to be swimming along on a high, the volatility caused by COVID-19 makes it all the more important to review your marketing strategy to stay ahead and avoid complacency.

If you selected no 2, you need to be thinking of the future so that your company survives – even in a different form – the COVID-19 pandemic. The survivors are those with the initiative to know they need to re-strategise and pivot for longevity.

While COVID-19 is the crisis now in 2020, brand transitions have a long history and there are numerous success stories over the years where companies have faced the need to reinvent, to rebuild, and to stay alive.

Those that pivot will win.

My experience in dealing with different businesses is that they need strategic PR & Marketing professionals to help articulate their “real world” business proposition as it evolves AND someone experienced to point out the pitfalls of each chosen option.

TaurusBullseye© has led the way over the past 26 years for some of the largest brand transitions in Australia and other parts of the world. Look on our website at our many case studies.

A global crisis like the Coronavirus creates change and the upside is, this provides endless new opportunities. To finish with another of those classic Warren Buffett quotes ‘’ In the business world, the rear-view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.”

Do not be one of those who says ‘’I wish’

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

The sea change – Now it’s the c-change

Friday 3rd April 2020

How quickly we’re adapting to a virtual world.

Before COVID-19, a global pandemic, affecting each and every one of us, wasn’t something a lot of us contemplated; I think we all resigned ourselves to it wouldn’t happen to me.

Now, the #newnormal as it is being described is creating a virtual world as the main channel for communication while we adhere to guidelines of social isolation, physical distancing and lockdown!

And, from the feedback online, most of us are finding it isn’t so bad - even for the non-techo types that are using Zoom, and other means online, as we look to the virtual world to keep the “Open for Business” sign on the front door.

The other big plus is it does do away with the time-wasting traffic jams we sub-consciously took for granted as part of our normal daily grind.

Yes. It cuts down the face-to-face contact with work colleagues but only last night, wine glass in hand, we chatted via Zoom, and I felt as bonded, if not more so than ever, with my team.

At Taurus, the team has made a seamless move to the virtual world in doing business with our clients. While initially some of our clients might have thought it was too daunting to continue to do business this way, they too have now jumped on board with the #newnormal and we are working around the clock to service them.

We are committed to providing the same unparalleled levels of Taurus service we have offered for 24 years while others have come and gone.

Let’s not be scared or hesitant about these changes being thrust upon us. The mood is right to re-invent the way we do things and we will emerge different and potentially stronger.

At another time it might have been called a SEA CHANGE and so it is THE C – CHANGE.

Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

How         are         you         ?

30th March 2020

A callout to ‘NOT        DROP        THE        BALL!’

Everyone’s situation may be different as we confront the challenges around the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Our hearts go out to those who have lost their jobs. Not in their wildest dreams would some Australians had envisaged a few weeks ago they would be lined up outside Centrelink offices seeking help to survive. At Taurus, I have re-engineered to keep my team in their jobs.

Then we have the valiant efforts of our health workers who are doing everything in their power to keep us healthy and safe. “We really are all in this together.”

It can be heavy going as we listen to the hour by hour news reports from here and abroad that detail not only the Coronavirus carnage but the stringent changes Governments around the world are imposing on people to hopefully contain the spread of the virus and bring it under control and determine the source of outbreaks to contain them.

While our own Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has led the way in outlining the “battle plans” he has also given us hope that we will get through this crisis and, as he describes it, cross the bridge, as we return to the Australian way of life.

We need to stay mentally strong. Beyond Blue reminds us that while it is reasonable for people to be concerned about the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic we should try to remember that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible.

Let’s not drop the ball. Especially when it comes to businesses that are still able to operate under difficult circumstances.  Communication is a rich and valuable tool in these testing times. Companies need to be providing regular updates to their partners, customers, friends and, of course, their staff.

Circumstances are changing constantly and we need to reassure these people of any change; rather than letting them interpret, or in some cases misinterpret, a situation.  Let’s work together to not have “false news’’ and set expectations as best we can, as things change.

The Taurus team has the skills and professional know-how to keep the updates flowing to ensure communication remains not only a top priority but a key strength in this fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Sharon Williams, Founder and CEO, Taurus Group

The TaurusBullseye©

Marketing & PR Success

Our integrated approach to Marketing & PR success

The Taurus team consists of both in-house marketing experts and agency directors, so we understand the business from both sides of the fence. We start with your company’s fundamental business objectives and align your marketing and digital strategies to support these.

Taurus offers unparalleled levels of service with a practical, ‘No Bull’ approach focused on delivering results, based on our TaurusBullseye© methodology, created from years of international experience has taken brands to the top since we proudly worked with our founding client, Peter Kazacos of the KAZ Group. KAZ sold for $350 million in 2001 from our start in 1995.