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Our favourite remote company culture ideas!

When remote working became the new global normal some months ago, businesses big and small went on a search for how to best maintain company culture and motivation virtually. Now that water cooler chats, Friday pizza parties, and the occasional long lunches aren’t a thing anymore, how do we continue to cultivate teams-ship and company culture?

A laundry list of ideas started populating the internet and newspapers – businesses have tried it all from virtual daily calls, virtual happy hour, online yoga classes to dress-up themed meetings – that’s all well and good, but does it really work in bolstering culture and motivating staff during difficult times?

We went on a search for what else is out there and here are some fresh and unique ideas we like:

1. Buddy System Check-Ins

Consider something as simple as daily ‘buddy’ call, five to ten-minute calls to ask your nominated teammates, ‘how you are doing?’, ‘did you get some exercise today’, ‘how your family’, etc. Each staff member gets to pick a colleague they will call at least once a day for a casual check-in.

It has to be someone they feel they can talk to and want to talk to. The catch though, you can’t talk shop! Leave all work-related matters to your virtual calls!

Tools required: Your Phone!

Who would enjoy:

  • Higher Management who don’t often get asked how they are doing
  • All employees

2. Activities from the comfort of your own home

Virtual field trips and online activities such as museum tours and the popular ‘paint and sip’ art class mostly endorsed by brides to be!). Allow your team an opportunity to bond together, be creative and participate in an activity that allows them to forget about the pandemic and work.

Tools required: Zoom/Teams or any software from your chosen virtual facilitator

Who would enjoy:

  • Employees who like to learn new things or avid travelers
  • Employees who identify as visual learners

3. Smashing fitness goals

There is no better time than a global pandemic to focus on the health and overall wellbeing of your staff. Investing in your employee’s fitness goals can help motivate them to achieve far more than they could without the extra support from teammates and management.

With Fitbits, Apple and Garmin watches, we can set personal goals, track and share progress updates to encourage each other.

It’s a great initiative to get employees working from home moving and increase their productivity. Better yet, put a prize on it – perhaps every participating member contributes to a cash pool and the member who kicks the most goals gets to take it home!

Tools required: Fitbit, Apple or Garmin watch or any available apps

Who would enjoy:

  • Employees who want to work on their fitness or remain activity
  • Those who loving spending time outdoors or traveling
  • Staff who are competitive and like to participate in challenges and competitions

4. Random acts of gifting

Keep motivation high while working remotely by letting employees know their good work is appreciated. Small tokens of appreciations go a long way and who doesn’t love a surprise delivery?

Quiet achievers tend to get quieter while remotely and working from home, mailing out small gifts, or sending virtual compliments and cards can brighten someone’s day whilst increasing overall productivity and morale.

Tools required: Small gifts, emails or virtual cards. Consider platforms like Perkbox!

Who would enjoy:

  • Quiet achievers
  • Employees who have served long periods with the organisation
  • Team members whose awards and promotions had to take a pause since the pandemic

While the world continues to change, we must continue to evolve and change with it to ultimately retain and nurture our employees to thrive in a post-pandemic world. When people are happy, they thrive. Investing in your employee experience at work and in life creates a happier, more motivated workforce, which in turn creates better businesses.

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