TaurusAcademy Intern Blog by Jeremy Triani

Being a Taurus Intern has been an enriching experience to say the least.  I found it most valuable to be in a space surrounded by experienced professionals who can teach me and pass on their knowledge about the industry in a simplistic and nurturing manner. I felt very comfortable right from the get-go.  The team constantly reassured me that I can ask whenever I needed help.

I really enjoyed being given the freedom and responsibility to practice my expertise and apply it to tasks provided by the team. I always strive to improve myself and my writing skills and it was great having a team that is able to provide timely and helpful feedback. Some skills I acquired during my time at Taurus were the ability to apply different writing styles to cater to the task at hand; learning to communicate in a professional manner and understanding the importance of workplace synergy in a cooperative environment. I was really enlightened by Taurus CEO, Sharon Williams as I can see her passion and desire to make sure her team is thriving at Taurus. Her presence always brought about a sense of calm, control and stability which was impressive given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, interning at Taurus gave me great insight into the PR and Marketing world. It has allowed me to grasp a clearer picture of the roles and responsibilities within the industry and it has enabled me to analyse my own desire to work in this industry based on my own strengths and weaknesses.

One piece of advice I would give to a future Taurus intern is that the team is always there to help so never be afraid to approach and ask for help. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with the fantastic team!

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