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COVID-19 IS MOVING THE FINISHING LINE – A further 250,000 businesses shut down today in Victoria Australia

As each day brings on new challenges and our neighbours in Victoria enter their harshest moment yet, what is the shortest way to the finishing line for Australia?

There are a few options.

We have been asked to be sensible. If wearing a face mask, practising social distancing and constantly washing or sanitizing our hands helps bring the finishing line closer to this dark phase in Australia’s history on our health and economy, I’m 100% on board.

A few months ago, we were planning a period of lockdown – not an extended lockdown. Having navigated this initial five months, we hoped August would be the time for consumer spending and businesses to kick-start or, at least, take first steps toward the normality we take for granted.

But for now, we are thinking about Victorians as we wish them individual strength and a speedy recovery from this tough time. Healthy Victorians and a prosperous Victoria, which represents over a quarter of Australia’s economy, is what all Australians want for the good of this great nation.

In NSW, our Premier has declared this week is a “make or break’’ week for our State.

Our efforts to date in meeting the pandemic challenge have been admirable but continuing that success and avoiding it spiralling out of control requires us all pulling together more than ever to continue to be sensible and focussed.

On an individual level, I am calling out to my team and my family, because it’s so important we look after our No 1 asset – our mental and physical health.

Our lives will be different for a while yet, but it is reassuring that the experts, the professionals like those working in Government, Beyond Blue, Lifeline and the Black Dog Institute – to mention a few – have helpful advice on their websites.

The stress on business and families is there for us all to see.

Don’t hesitate to seek help if you, or someone you know, is struggling to keep on top of their feelings, particularly as a result of isolation. We can all help and start by staying in touch with members of our own family and our work colleagues. I am inviting my team members to take time out.

I have chosen to be upbeat, a half-cup full, continuously reinventing and go for growth. I will stick to what I know and what I believe in over the last 25 years and continue to produce tangible outcomes and deliver time and time again much-needed business counsel and value to our clients – whatever the state of the economy.

In these challenging times, the first thing business should be doing is making sure it lives and breathes constant communication and care – with staff and with the broader world where the next business opportunity (and therefore sustainability) waits. If you think, there is something more you should be doing, but not sure it is the answer, let our experienced team at Taurus help provide a fresh point of view.

Be assured we will reach the finishing line if we remain sensible, show deep care of each other and over-communicate to see us through.

Sharon Williams, Founder & CEO, Taurus Marketing

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