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Cydney O’ Sullivan hosts 3-day Seminar for Authors & Speakers

Taurus’ friend, Cydney O’Sullivan, founder of the Celebrity Experts Network and Motivational Speakers International, is an entertaining speaker who helps others thrive in their fields by clearing their bottlenecks to marketing and promotional success.

She recently hosted the ‘Discover How to Become A Celebrity Author & International Speaker’ three-day seminar in Sydney. The seminar provided attendees with a series of workshops including how to write your own book, understanding business beyond the book and how to monetise with a training program and learning all things business growth and world domination.

Cydney is an 18 Times Best Selling Author & Taurus friend! If you’re interested in learning about becoming a Celebrity Author & In Demand Highly Paid Speaker be sure to be part of Cydney’s next retreat! You can see Cydney’s programs at or send enquires to [email protected].

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