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A special congratulations to all students who participated in the 2019 HSC!  

While many are celebrating the completion of school and embracing a new milestone in their lives, it comes to no surprise that the lead-up to Christmas can be an anxious time for many HSC students. With ATARs soon to be released students around the nation may be worried about their results and concerned this will keep them out of their dream course and career forever. Pathway options such as UTS Insearch enable students to enter their preferred university course and pursue their chosen career, despite their ATAR results.

Taurus is proud to be working with UTS Insearch, the pathway provider to Australia to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia’s number 1 young university.  UTS Insearch prepares students to succeed at university with a range of diplomas to offer – business, communication, design and architecture, engineering, information technology and science. These courses have been designed in collaboration with UTS faculties.

For more information visit https://www.insearch.edu.au/

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