Taurus FastTrack™ Intern Blog Spot #NOBULLAPPROACH

Continuing our Taurus FastTrack™ Intern Blog Spot, see Jaime’s experience and overall thoughts of her time at Taurus.

Jaime undertook a three-month internship at Taurus from 17th November 2017 to 8th March 2018. Coming to us with an interest in Public Relations and Marketing, she became exposed to a wide range of activities and responsibilities working with both the Taurus Team and our CEO.

“I had a fantastic experience working as an intern at Taurus. The whole Taurus team is friendly and professional and the office is a great working environment. As an intern, I was made to feel part of the team and I knew that any contributions I made would be taken seriously. The entire team is very talented and approachable, I knew that I could approach any of them with questions and Iwould be assisted and learn a lot from everyone. I went into the internship with the goal of learning more about how a public relations agency works in practice, with a whole team working together to implement a PR strategy. I learnt a lot of theory at university, but the internship showed me how that is translated into the real world, and how I could use the knowledge I gained at university to practically assist on an actual client campaign. I also acquired many new practical skills while interning at Taurus. I learnt, among other things, how to effectively conduct background research, how to search for FYIs and carrots, how to compile media lists and how to do an ROI.

The internship has given me a huge amount of clarity on how I want my career to progress! Interning at Taurus was my first experience in a corporate PR agency and I loved it. I was especially drawn to the B2B technology clients and I would like to work on campaigns for similar clients in the future. It is great for interns that Taurus has a wide variety of clients, as it exposes you to the many different aspects of PR.”

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