Neer Korn Speaking at Aus HealthCare Week

Taurus Client Neer Korn, Founder & Director of The Korn Group, which provides insights and learnings about Australian Society, and has signed with our unique TaurusSpeaker service and PR. Neer’s been researching and reporting on Australian attitudes and trends for 20 years, publishing over 120 large scale studies similar on all aspects of Australian culture. He’s also an expert advisor to some of Australia’s major brands including, Nestle, Sanitarium, AMP and ABC.

Our speaker services include sourcing speaking engagements to gain access to networks and business opportunities, build your personal brand and professional rapport. Taurus secured a speaking event this month for Neer at the largest healthcare event in the southern hemisphere – the 2018 Australian Healthcare Week and 2018 Victorian HealthCare Week, later this year in August.

Neer spoke to 5000 attendees at the conference this month which took place over two days 21st – 22nd March at the ICC Sydney. He spoke on two different topics in light of his research studies on Australian Consumers, including ‘Ageing Disgracefully – The Baby Boomer Perspective’ and ‘Crossing the Generational Divide’.

For information on our TaurusSpeaker Service please email [email protected].

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