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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Kristina Ilisevic

My time as a TaurusAcademy© Intern was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to any PR, Marketing or Communications student or recent graduate looking for a meaningful learning experience that will bolster their confidence for entering this field. The Taurus Marketing culture is so welcoming with open communication that makes all newcomers feel comfortable and part of the team.

The great variety of tasks I got to take up as an intern made every day interesting and added huge value to the experience allowed me to evolve many different skills and capabilities. We were exposed to a wide range of tasks that allow us to develop practical skills and knowledge in the industry.

For me, the top three skills I developed as a Taurus intern were collaborative work in a professional setting, the elements of a real-world PR strategy pitch, as well as media and news research.

Taurus CEO and Founder, Sharon Williams demonstrated the importance of strong leadership during my time as an intern, especially with COVID-19 and to the shift to a remote work system. She showed perseverance, adaptability and care towards her team all through the change.

I felt that this internship program went above and beyond my expectations as the set of skills, knowledge and experience it gave me is far more comprehensive than I had initially assumed it could ever be.

The best aspects of my time as a Taurus intern were seeing the inner workings and culture of a successful Sydney Marketing and PR firm, helping create written content for Taurus’ blog and social media, as well as broadening my knowledge on prominent industries in both the local and global B2B sector.

The least enjoyable part of my experience was the loss of the Taurus workplace atmosphere and the benefits of face-to-face learning and interaction from the switch to online communication. However, effective daily communications practices and the implementation of morning video meetings helped everyone acclimatise quickly to remote work.

Interning at Taurus gave me insight into working in the PR and Marketing field that will absolutely shape the next steps of my career. The advice I would give to future Taurus Interns is that, while you should always aim to work independently on an assigned task, don’t be afraid to ask for direction from any of the Taurus team! Everyone at Taurus was always friendly and willing to answer any questions and help interns succeed and grow.

Learn more about the TaurusAcademy© program here. 

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