Taurus Client, Dicker Data featured in The Eureka Report

The growing demand for IT equipment in an increasing work from home WFH world

Dicker Data’s growth strategy, expansion plans, proven track records and why Dicker Data is an income-generating stock.

Dicker Data is credited as Australia’s leading locally owned and operated distributor of IT hardware, software, cloud and IoT solutions. Its 41-year legacy was begun by David Dicker, who demonstrates a hard-working success story, and is credited as a business pioneer committed to people and the company. Dicker Data also pays 100% of its profits as dividends, with any new expenses based on equity earnings.

The recently adopted (and continuously growing) work from home trend is one that saw Dicker’s business increase. Eureka’s in-depth interview explores how Dicker Data’s business model drives the success of the company in alignment with shareholders and constantly strives for the competitive edge and commitment to superior vendor/partner engagement.

The push to remote working and increasing reliance on technology meant the Dicker Data brand experienced a surge in demand  and the company has just completed a successful capital raise and Share Purchase Plan of $65 million. Expansion plans around the construction of a new warehouse and possible strategic acquisitions are matched by Dicker’s dedication to performance. Dicker’s dividend policy for shareholders and incentivised/performance-based business culture strengthens his business model and dedication to his people.

Hear the full interview with David Dicker on Dicker Data’s business boom and the shift to working from home here.

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