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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Tiana Warner

As someone who has a very hands-on approach to marketing, the realm behind the PR curtain was a mystery. The TaurusAcademy© Internship program was the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity while learning new skills and being supported by a talented team.

The Taurus environment is friendly and welcoming. I had a lot of questions, and they were always answered thoroughly and enthusiastically. I think it’s critical sign of a healthy culture when you feel as though you can ask questions openly and be encouraged to learn.

Getting to work with Taurus’ CEO Sharon Williams was definitely a highlight of the internship experience. She’s captivating – well spoken, well dressed, and full of industry wisdom. You can really feel her presence in room. Her approach to the continual empowerment of her team was inspirational and unlike anything I’d previously experienced in a workplace. Getting to witness leadership like that is certainly something that will stay with me long into the future.

There was a steep learning curve, and it was interesting learning to navigate a hybrid work environment and manage myself working from home. As an agency, Taurus has a wide range of clients across many industries from tech to healthcare. This was new to me, and I found it a challenge to only work with a surface level understanding of a client’s industry. I discovered that I really value knowing my industry deeply, which is difficult with such diverse clients.

If I had to name a least favourite experience at Taurus, it would be that merciless gangs of seagulls that lurk close to the water at Barangaroo. A warning to any future intern: beware of the seagulls.

Overall, working at Taurus has been an eye-opening adventure. It was such a privilege to be able to explore potential career paths in a supportive environment. I would really encourage anyone to chase their curiosity – you might just learn something new!

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