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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog by Xavier Patte

Beginning my journey through the TaurusAcademy© Program was one of the greatest experiences I have endured since finishing my university studies. Having been my first internship, it was a large leap from what I was accustomed to, having the opportunity to directly correlate my studies in Management & Marketing into the professional scene with a great team, with the constant motivation to exceed expectations every day.

The Taurus Team is essentially one of the major highlights of my time in the TaurusAcademy©, each member with unique skillsets and capabilities that enabled them to mentor myself to become better and more consistent with the work I produced. Having such a supporting and knowledgeable team has allowed the experience of the TaurusAcademy© to be very enjoyable, creating an environment from which I found to be exciting and enlightening. It was also great to be able to chat directly to CEO, Sharon Williams and have her thought leadership expand my mindset into avenues I didn’t even know previously, making my experience truly worthwhile.

On the other hand, over the duration of the program, I was given tasks ranging from Media Monitoring, Blog Writing, Website management, Research, Client Facing FYI’s and Social Media Content generation & management, from which it allowed me to not only think creatively, but to expand my knowledge and skillset to handle new ways of approaching tasks, utilising time management and receiving feedback to enrich my understanding of the standards and outputs that clients want to comprehend.

For future interns, it is important to always speak up and say what is on your mind, it allows the team to grasp what your working style is suited to as well as being able to provide your own ideas which can be deemed essential to an active task.

With the TaurusAcademy© coming to an end after 3 months of intense, rewarding, and enjoyable work, it has been a major highlight to my progression into the professional environment and my personal development in character. No Bull.

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