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#NOBULLAPPROACH – TaurusAcademy© Intern Blog By Oliver Riddle


Interning with Taurus through the TaurusAcademy© has been an insightful and enjoyable experience. I have continually learnt new skills each week, building my knowledge in marketing and PR. Working with such a friendly intelligent team, I felt comfortable to ask questions and complete tasks, knowing help was only a call away.

Having to start this internship during lockdown had its challenges, however it was made simple through the genuine care the Taurus team had for me. I found it interesting to be able to not only learn about marketing and PR but also about all the goods and services our clients sold. It was a privilege being able to listen in on client meetings and hearing their wants and needs.

Sharon Williams, CEO, was an inspiring leader who shared her knowledge and skills, advising and always teaching.

As a student studying business at university, it was exciting to learn about my course in the real world and how these syllabus dot points are demonstrated by an actual operating business. Unfortunately, I did not experience the office atmosphere due to restrictions, yet I did get a sense of being a valued member of the team virtually.

Overall, I would like to thank the Taurus team for this valuable learning experience helping me navigate my career direction.

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