Meet Magic Launch March 2017

The event held on International Women’s Day at PWC at Barangaroo, was to launch Meetmagic, a B2B platform combining business and philanthropy. The concept involves booking meetings through a digital platform which puts people together for a meeting. These people pay for the meeting. 50 per cent of that payment is donated to a charity of their choosing.

“We think, with enough corporate support taking standard business meetings that occur every single day, and with leadership from the top showing the way, we can solve this big problem really easily.  Our goal is to donate $250m to charities by 2026”.

Sharon spoke amid 60-70 executives about balancing business, family and giving back to the community.

By way of background, “Our purpose is single-minded: To inspire a world of meaningful human connections that simultaneously empowers organisational growth and social change by creating conversations that count. By repurposing an organisation’s existing marketing budget, we connect the right people at the right time and create a sustainable funding source for charities who are changing the world.”

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