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Marketing & PR Trends for 2020

They say open and honest communication is the key to a healthy relationship and in today’s consumer landscape, it’s more important than ever! Market changes have sparked changes in PR and marketing, disrupting everyday lives, media and organisations. Over the past few years the lines separating marketing and PR have blurred, forcing evolution of the ‘tried and true’ tactics of the past to take on a new fresh approach to connecting with audiences and building your brand. Two-way communication between businesses and their audience is the cornerstone of modern Public Relations – listening to constituencies, analysing and interpreting their views, attitudes and behaviours.

Here are 3 powerful trends we see impacting Marketing and PR in 2020:

  1. The explosion of interactive content

It’s no longer enough to pitch media and secure coverage. Effective PR and communications need to consider all aspects of a client’s social and digital footprint, offering dynamic content in new ways. People have a growing hunger for interactive content. In fact, 91 per cent of B2B buyers are begging for more interactive content when making purchasing decisions! 2020 will see content marketing transform to give audiences more of what they want – original experiences like VR and AR, assessments, shoppable posts and even live streaming.

Today’s consumers prefer live video and ‘meaty’ content over snackable blogs and static social media posts. Organisations need to be leveraging interactive content formats such as quizzes, polls and live video to promote engagement throughout the buyer’s journey. These experiences can help brands cut through the noise and provide a more valuable experience, all while generating measurable engagement data and key customer insights for businesses and future marcomm initiatives. For organisations who are willing to embrace change over routine, this will mean new and exciting opportunities that come with harnessing the potential of the modern PR landscape.

  1. Niche targeting

The media landscape has exploded and fractionalised meaning audiences are generally smaller and more concentrated. Traditionally, most organisations push for earned media placement in Tier 1, mainline, broadsheet publications. More recently, however, there has been a shift towards vertical and niche publications. These smaller media and influencer outlets have cultivated a close-knit audience based on interest and industry. This has opened the possibilities for smaller brands with more modest marcomm budgets to connect with a highly engaged and qualified audience. It’s crucial to understand your consumers and the direction of their attention. Your specialised industry rag could offer more impact for a brand than a mainline with a larger circulation.

  1. Authenticity and ‘Brandstanding’

Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to fake news, mass-produced advertising, pay for play influencers or artificial brand communications. PR campaigns that hero genuine and personal storytelling and shared knowledge will hit home for audiences amidst a sea of misinformation and misrepresentation. People are looking for authenticity, real world application, evidence-based arguments and personal connection from business leaders. This year, organisations and brands with an ‘activist capitalist’ approach to business will highlight their shared values with their publics. Companies will be emboldened to take a strong stand on contemporary issues, winning customer loyalty and respect.  Media and consumers want to hear about companies who have captivating stories, ethical frameworks and success balanced with social responsibility as part of their ethos.

By all accounts 2020 will be another year of changes in the fast-paced world of marketing and PR. Keeping up with emerging technologies, changing consumer perceptions and expectations is crucial. To keep your business ahead of the curve, organisations need holistic communications strategies, inspired ideas and robust key messaging for impactful consumer connection and valued business outcomes.

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