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Why networking is important for your career

In today’s competitive world, being good at your job is not good enough. When you look at successful individuals who have built long term careers and businesses, you’ll notice that having a wide and strong network is a crucial part of their career. As the saying goes, your network is your net worth.

We get it – networking can be dreadful, awkward on occasion, and even draining. However, there’s no denying the fact that networking is an integral part of your career, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

Here’s why:

Business is built on relationships

People want to work with people they know and trust. Networking is a mutual relationship where you give and take. When you help others, you’re not only helping them, but yourself and your business. It might not be the easiest nor the fastest approach but it’s a long-term investment on both your personal and professional development!

A way to grow

The concept of networking is inherent in us. It answers our need to connect with other people, share our experiences, and grow in the process. The contacts you build now will one day play a role in your growth and pave your way to a better future or a good opportunity.

Boost your confidence

Nobody is born with a limitless amount of self-confidence; it is something you built over time. Being confidence doesn’t mean you know it all but it’s trusting that whatever happens you’ll be able to handle it and learn from it. Networking is a great tool to boost your confidence – the more effectively you network the more confident you’ll become!


The importance of networking can’t be overlooked. But it’s necessary to know how you can network efficiently and effectively.

Set a goal

It’s important that you set a realistic goal. Although it’s true that you can’t predict the outcome of each events, goal setting helps you focus and motivates you to do better and try harder. For example, set a goal of meeting 3 new people or discussing a topic you have in mind.

Follow up

Networking is also about creating a genuine relationship. So, make efforts to nurture the relationship – ask for their business card and send them a brief note on what you found interesting about them and how you can benefit them and always remember to say thank you!

Be aware of your online presence

If you are in business, whether you realise it or not your brand is out there – being discussed, reviewed and communicated online through social networks 24/7. Often, people you meet at events will use the power of social media to find out more about you, what you do, who you hang out with, your skills, your experiences and your network.

So, whether you are developing a career or driving your own business, think about where you can go to support others and learn from the best. At Taurus, we have been servicing smart entrepreneurs globally for over 24 years, talk to us on how you can work smarter at [email protected].

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