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Making the most of your media coverage

So you have just scored a piece of media coverage that is going to help boost brand awareness, credibility and hopefully even business opportunities – But why stop there?

Leveraging media coverage will elevate your personal brand and business in the eyes of your industry peers, influencers, clients, future clients, and prospective partnerships.

Here’s some tips on how you can grasp its influence, amplify its significance and maximise its power.

1. Social Media Promotion

Let us start with the obvious but often neglected tip – put your media coverage on your social media channels! Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are powerful communication tools in generating buzz, more eyeballs and deeper engagement of your media coverage.

Sharing content across social media platforms is the easiest way to generate more attraction to your media coverage. This is as simple as the company’s profile sharing links to the online piece to encourage followers to read the coverage and hopefully getting them to spread the coverage and even start a conversation.

Pre-coverage content is great content! Say you are about to go live as a guest on TV or Radio. Why not capture a quick photo of you behind the scenes and live on set, share it on social media and tag the relevant people in you network and ensure they tune in! This will prepare and excite your audience on what is about to come.

2. Repurposing Content on your website

Whether it is before or after your social media activities, the coverage can be repurposed into new content for your websites. This makes your hard work and achievements not only extremely visible for everyone visiting your website but also acts as a memento and referral for the future.

There are many ways of repurposing content for your business website, consider using it to create blogs and articles for your website. Build upon the media coverage and highlight and mention the key points and ideas you have addressed, provide examples and case studies linking it back to your business, your clients and your great work.

3. As Seen In!

Add an “As Seen in” tab on your websites and marketing collateral. This is a quick and visual way to display the logos of the media coverage you have appeared in an effective way to build credibility and be seen as the brand that is out there making a splash.

4. Email your Database

Make it a point to tell everyone in your email database about your media coverage including clients, customers, stakeholders, prospects and employee. A quick summary of the media coverage, what it means and why is it important for them to know and what they can learn from it. This is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field.

5. Plaster the walls with it (if you can!)

Why stop at just online amplification, plater the walls of your office/business with it. Taking cues from the folks at American burger chain Five Guys and Kenny Rogers Roasters who are known for taking media coverage to the next level by literally making it the decoration in its most valuable communication channel: Its restaurants!

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