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Optimising social media in the hospitality industry

Since Australian hospitality venues have re-opened and are enjoying relaxed restrictions, venues have seen a massive influx of eager consumers. If your hospitality venue isn’t on social media or optimising the platforms on offer, now is the time.

A recent study shows that hospitality venues amount for one of the most looked-up brands in Australia on social media, accounting for a whopping 51% of business searches.

As we move to an increasingly digital age, one of the first things we do when deciding on a venue is to look it up on social media to get a feel for what the venue has to offer.

Here are four tips to ensure your hospitality business is marketed effectively on social media:

Show off!

As social media is all about imagery, now is the time to show off the key things your venue has to offer. Ask yourself, what makes your venue different? It could be the location, the interior, the daily specials or overall quality of service. Make that known. Show your best assets and accompany this with informative, on-brand messaging. Incorporating a CTA (call to action) to each post by adding a link to your website or contact details will help improve your changes of bookings and leads.

Encourage engagement

People generally look to their peers when they’re seeking new experiences. In this day and age, with everyone updating social media of their movements on a daily basis, it’s important that consumers are able to engage with your business and let people know they visited.

Engagement campaigns for the hospitality industry are highly effective, offering consumers incentives to follow, share and engage with posts. Incentives could include anything from a free coffee, free gift or competition prizes. Once you have consumers engaging with your page, you should start to see a gradual increase in page activity and followers.


This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to share with consumers events, promotions and specials your venue is offering. These promotions should be front and centre of your socials and must be engaging, informative and aligned with your brand and key messaging.

The next time you have a curious consumer check out your page, they will be left feeling informed and impressed by all the different offerings and value adds your venue has to offer.


Communication is key. You must ensure social activity and engagement across all platforms is monitored, and any comments or queries are answered in a timely manner. You must understand the value of each and every review that comes in, taking on the responsibility of monitoring and responding to comments in a tone that aligns with your brand.

It is essential for businesses operating in the hospitality industry to understand how to effectively use social media to deliver key messages if they are to compete in todays saturated market. If optimised and used correctly, social media is an effective way for hospitality venues to connect in a cost-effective manner.

We understand the development of an effective social media strategy can be daunting. TaurusSocial© is an innovative service offered by Taurus, advising you on every aspect of your social media presence, what you should be doing, what works and what to steer clear of. Read more about TaurusSocial© here.

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