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CEO Note from Sharon Williams

While I am proud of how Taurus and our network have moved through this period, there is no time to relax and celebrate the fact we have got this far. The next 4-6 months will be a true test of recovery, survival and reinvention.  The end of the financial year can be a time for celebration as targets are hit or alternatively, a time for reflection. This has never been more relevant than at this moment– June 2020. My team and I are hard at work re-planning our clients own Bullseye for them this next quarter and I am deep in defining our own TaurusBullseye© targets. There is no time to waste. Marketing along with careful financial management is a key lever to draw out of challenging times and with innovation and a clear voice we can cut through and take advantage of less competition. Are you out there at this moment? If not, we can help.

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