Dicker Data Blog – Preparing for post-COVID-19 Webinar with Mark Iles

At the beginning of the month our client Dicker Data (Australia’s largest IT distributor), hosted the Preparing for Post-COVID industry exclusive webinar with keynote speaker Mark Iles, Executive Consultant and Industry Analyst, Tech Research Asia.

The session highlighted insights we thought could benefit our network – particularly those in the tech sector, on looking at what’s next for business as we move towards a post-pandemic phase, identifying the key challenges, opportunities and the significant need to adapt to thrive. 

We encourage you to have a read and share these insights with your teams! Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Operational changes: high labour costs and low profitability within the IT sector will drive the need to assess operational efficiency and look for new, more efficient ways of doing things
  • COVID-19 presents the opportunity to do things differently, including packaging IP more effectively and exploring new ways of working
  • Speed is the new competitive advantage. Customer engagement will need to become shorter, snappier and more focused with expectations of quicker ROIs
  • The need to shift your sales focus to account-based, data-driven, personalised, differentiated and automated contact to engage with customers and drive business
  • A shift in organisations purchasing on value vs. price. The trend is moving to repeatable, bite-sized and outcome-based projects
  • Growth and opportunity areas include digital workplace, business continuity, collaboration, security, network/SD-WAN, AI, automation, public and private cloud migration and application modernisation
  • Security is the one category that is likely to still surge in 2020 and beyond. Cloud is another area of growth since the move from the physical office to a virtual way of working takes away the argument for on-premises workloads
  • Applications will play a significant role moving forward, including remote process automation and creating strong apps built around containers across both private and public clouds
  • Managed services are a risk area with push back and downward pressure from customers on costs

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