cropped dough

A Doughlish Client Case Study – Edible Cookie Dough

When two young entrepreneurs Adam and Saul Caspary approached Taurus prior to launch, they were deciding on brand colours, logos, pricing, Cookie Dough flavours, a website and social pages.  They wanted to create a buzz around the brand ready for their launch and drive traffic to the pop up cart that was their business model.  They were hesitant to go ahead with PR, having never done it before and wondering why couldn’t they do it themselves. Taurus started working closely with Doughlish three weeks prior to launch, advising on what hadn’t been finalised. 

“We saw some other businesses getting great publicity and we assumed that they get one or two great articles written and it flows over to other media outlets and then everyone starts writing about them. But that definitely isn’t the case and that was a bit of a misconception we had on our end as well. 

Adam Caspary, Founder of Doughlish 

Read the full case study here. 


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