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5 tips to stand-out from the crowd on social media

Social media is everywhere. Not just in our personal lives, we now use it to build brands and livelihoods, influence others and become educated about the world. Social media is a strategic business tool that allows you to acquire new customers, obtain customer feedback for quality purposes, and cultivate brand advocates. In Australia, 51 percent of small businesses, 58 percent of medium-sized businesses, and 85 percent of large businesses engaged with their followers via social media.

There has never been a better time than now for companies to be where their customers are. The number of social media users in Australia has risen to 21.45 million in 2022, making it the most valuable asset for companies seeking user engagement. As businesses increase their use of social media content, the digital space becomes increasingly crowded with data. The popularity of short videos such as Reels and TikTok has conditioned viewers to have a short attention span.


To stand-out from the crowd and leverage social media for your brand’s benefit, here are five tips to implement today.

  1. Authenticity

Followers of your brand will always place a great value on trust, and this will continue to be the case. Being genuine with your audience is the simplest method to establish trust. By maintaining authenticity, the link between your brand and its followers develops stronger, resulting in increased consumer engagement, respect, and even loyalty. Authenticity is also related to brand perception. When a client realizes they are supporting an authentic and trustworthy brand, they feel good about their own decision. The combination of personal and corporate branding on social media may compound the positive effect. In comparison to your company’s social media account alone, your audience will be more engaged if the company’s owner or someone in a key role is the face of the business. To have a deeper and more meaningful connect with your audience, we recommend developing a personal branding strategy for social media.

  1. Utilise the most relevant social media channel for your industry

The entire point of social media marketing is to put your content in front of the most receptive audience. Before choosing the perfect social media channel for your business, you have to research on which platform is most used by your target audience. Once the channels are defined, think about what type of content you want to put forward for people to engage with. Each social media channel has different strengths and weaknesses, for example, video content best works with Instagram and Facebook, whereas, blog content best works with LinkedIn.

  1. Provide value with free flow of educational content

To build online relationships with your audience is tough, however, maintaining it is even tougher. If your audience stops seeing value in your content, there are high chances that they will forget about your brand or unfollow you.

  1. Video content marketing

Due to the excessive information flow on social media, the attention span of the audience is decreasing. 94 percent of marketers agree that video content increases audience understanding of the product or service and gives marketers a chance to clearly communicate a story. With more and more users consuming content through videos, it’s your time to tell your story and engage with your audience.

  1. Consistency

Lastly, the key to maintain and build upon your social media followers is to maintain consistent branding. This is the visual content that allows consumers to visually identify your brand.


Consistency in posting also remains crucial. There is a very fine line between annoying consumers with excessive posting and posting in an optimal manner. Make sure to understand how your audience like to consume content and then build a consistent strategy over different social media channels.


Taurus marketing has successfully grown their social media channels by utilising some of these tips in their journey. They believe in continually reinventing themselves by staying ahead of industry developments and trends​. Taurus’s content strategy adapts to changing trends, and suggests that to stay relevant, you have to post content where your consumers are. Do you want to stand-out from the crowd on social media? Follow Taurus’s social media handles or reach out through email, [email protected] to learn more.

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