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Brand Refresh vs Re-Branding? What’s the difference

Brand refresh and re-branding, sound the same, don’t they? Though this may be true they are inherently different concepts. Did you know that it takes people an average of 7 seconds to form an impression of your brand? For this reason, staying relevant in the market is essential to your brand’s success. Companies are constantly having to change, evolve and transform their brand to stay relevant and maintain success in the market. Adjusting logos, creating a new image, and using new marketing materials, are all examples of change within a brand. But what is considered a brand refresh vs a re-branding?

The meaning of brand refresh is right there in the title, REFRESH. This can also be recognised as reviving, restoring, or reimagining aspects of your brand. The market today is rapidly changing due to social media and technology bringing about new trends within the market. These changes are making it increasingly easy for the face of the brand to feel stale and outdated. This is where a refresh is due.

A brand will opt for a brand refresh when they want to breathe new life into the brand by changing the outdated aspects of their brand and reviving it with modern features. A refresh can transform the way consumers perceive your brand and ensure you don’t fall behind in the market.

Examples of a brand refresh include:

  • Updating your brand’s slogan
  • Subtle logo change
  • Modernising colour palette
  • Using a new font
  • Updating your typeface
  • Reviving marketing materials

On the other hand, re-branding is a radical change, used to address problems that lie deep within the brand. This can be an extensive and complex process that requires a brand to go further than just updating a logo, but rather completely change the identity and message of the brand. This often requires starting from scratch and rebuilding the brand by fixing those fundamental problems.

Examples of a re-branding:

  • Rethinking marketing strategy
  • Developing an entirely new visual identity for the brand
  • Establishing the brand in a different market
  • Brand new logo
  • New colour palette
  • Market repositioning
  • New Philosophy

Brand refresh and re-branding are both essential in staying relevant, as most companies conduct smaller refreshes every so often and re-brand every 7-10 years. The key difference between brand refresh re-branding is that they are used to achieve different goals on completely different scales. A refresh is mostly surface-level changes, and a re-branding goes much deeper. So, think of it as a brand refresh as watering your pot plant, while re-branding is repotting your plant with new soil.

Taurus continually reinvents itself by staying ahead of industry developments and trends. At Taurus, we understand how difficult it can be to refresh and re-brand.

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