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Your guide to making an engaging webinar

By hosting a webinar, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise, promote brand awareness, and engage with a global audience instantly.

You can also expand your sales pipeline with new leads and strengthen your relationships with both current and potential customers.

In an increasingly remote world, creating and hosting webinars is one of the most successful methods businesses can use to engage audiences.

If you want to learn how to deliver a webinar or a live event, you’ve come to the right place. We reveal our top tips here at Taurus for creating, hosting, and delivering successful webinars.


1.Choose a topic of interest to your target audience

The first crucial step in creating an engaging webinar is to choose an original topic that attracts the right audience. Examine the needs and interests of the audience and pick a topic they will find beneficial and educational. Think about conducting a survey or undertaking research to learn the audience’s needs.

Add character to your presentation by including interesting facts or intriguing anecdotes that could be funny and entertaining. This can go a long way in giving the audience something to remember after the event.


2.Tell a story

Bring your webinar to life by communicating information in a storytelling form. A strong narrative helps listeners relate to whatever message you are trying to express since people naturally relate to stories.

What story would you tell? It may be a story about your business, about a client, about your audience, or even about you personally. Use real-life examples and case studies to connect to the audience on a human level and make sure the story is relevant to your topic.


3.Use visuals

65% of people are visual learners. Slides, videos, and other visuals can keep your audience engaged in the webinar. Slides that highlight the main ideas in your presentation should be clear and straightforward. Too much information or visual stimulation on your slides might be distracting and even harmful to the idea you’re trying to convey. To avoid visually overloading your viewers, make sure your slides have enough empty space. Most importantly, avoid colours that may be an eyesore to look at!


4.Utilise tools (Q+A and Polls)

Engaging the audience is a guaranteed approach for webinar presenters to keep them listening and most importantly, awake. Sitting still for the duration of a presentation where you aren’t speaking or moving can get boring. Therefore, it’s crucial to use a variety of techniques and tools to encourage your audience to participate in the discussion.

Consider incorporating polls, Q&A sessions, and live chat as it can help break down the walls between the presenter and guests. Polls allow the audience to engage in the webinar while you collect feedback from them. Q&A sessions provide your audience the chance to ask questions and get immediate responses. During the webinar, participants can communicate with the presenter and each other via live chat.


5.Be prepared for any potential issue

We are all aware that while living in a time when everything appears to be efficient and streamlined, technical issues can and do still occur. Even if your audience is understanding, having to endure a presenter who takes an excessive amount of time to resolve technical issues will ruin a presentation.

It’s crucial to plan and take the time to address any potential problems. For example, make sure you have a backup copy of your presentation or even a second laptop! If something goes wrong, you should be prepared with a fix for every possible scenario. Your audience will also value the fact that you planned ahead and didn’t squander their time.



Practice is the most effective webinar presentation advice of all. Most of the advice on this guide is summarised in this point. When giving a webinar or video conference presentation, preparation is essential.

A few things to remember are as follows:

  • Have a scheduled run-through time.
  • Prepare discussion points and a list of questions.
  • Gather all the information you might need in advance.

Your audience will value a prepared presentation, and you can concentrate on keeping their attention while leading an entertaining webinar session.

If you consider all the points mentioned in this guide and ensure you’re as prepared as you can be. Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to host an effective and interesting webinar because it can help you increase brand recognition among your audience.


At Taurus, we believe a powerful brand experience can shape the future of your brand, building meaningful relationships between you and your audience. Find out more about Taurus’s events services here to elevate your next virtual event. 

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