Why SEO is vital for your business

SEO lies at the heart of every successful online marketing strategy. In order to be seen in an oversaturated market, you must first improve your visibility on the web.

So, what does SEO even mean? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially what you need to rank high on a search engine. This will improve both the quantity and quality of your website traffic and increase exposure to your brand through organic search engine results.

As we continue to operate in a highly digital world, where the first thing we do is ask Google, here are 5 reasons why your business should be considering SEO:

1. Organic search is more powerful than paid advertising

Whilst paid advertising is an important element of a marketing strategy, most users avoid paid ads. One study in the U.S showed that after searching, only 2.8% of people actually click on paid advertisements, meaning web users want tailored search results, rather than paid business ads.

2. Increased web traffic and visibility

The most obvious goal of SEO is to help the right people and more people end up on your site. Web traffic and visibility will benefit directly from an increased page ranking. This is especially important when you consider that 33% of clicks go to the first ranking page, and the first five listings get over 75% of all clicks. If you are not in that first group of pages, then your brand is behind.

3. Build website trust and authority

Consumers tend to trust websites that are ranked highly, therefore improving your brand’s credibility. Effective SEO will build trust with Google and improve your website’s rank, which will increase your brand’s visibility. Optimising your brand’s SEO can be achieved through creating high-quality and relevant content and incorporating backlinks that build your brand’s authority.

4. Elevate overall user experience

Strong local SEO works to improve the usability of your website. This can be achieved by improving the features of the usability experience. For example, optimising your page for mobile phone viewing will help improve access and credibility.

Another important factor to take into consideration is your site’s loading time. It is vital to ensure your site has the lowest possible loading time, as this will help retain viewers for longer. This is important as almost 50% of users expect sites to load within two seconds.

5. SEO is a long-term tactic

Many businesses view SEO as a quick solution to gaining visibility. Whilst it is proven to show results within 5 to 6 months, SEO is something that needs attention in the longer term. It is important to understand that SEO grows as your business grows, so it is essential to continue using SEO after the first initial results.

Over time, SEO will continue to build upon itself and expand your website’s traffic and potential customers. A strong piece of content with the right SEO will gradually accumulate online relevance and brand credibility. It is important to remember that SEO will require constant monitoring and optimisation to maintain positive results.

SEO is an essential part of a marketing strategy and plays a key role in helping a brand meet its goals and objectives. An effective SEO strategy will build brand credibility, improve customer experience and increase traffic and conversions, and so much more.

All websites will benefit from SEO, but it is important to make sure that your strategy respects the complex and evolving nature of your business. To find out how Taurus can help you maximise your online potential, contact [email protected].

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