The Power Of Female Leaders Embracing Renewal This Easter To Achieve Success And Remain Relevant

It often falls on the shoulders of us, as women, as leaders of our families as well as leaders of our businesses, to keep things afloat and raise the emotional bar. The buck stops with us. Exhausting at times and exhilarating and empowering at others.

What are your choices and circumstances this Easter? And which camp do you fall in? Are you on your own, studying or juggling? From practical logistics to the Easter menu, to school holidays and partners on leave. Plus trying to deal with this next set of reduced holidays driven four-day working weeks – how will you get it all done.

CEO and Founder of Taurus Marketing, Sharon Williams said, “Loneliness is destructive and unnecessary. Make a plan. If your world is full-on and full of people, plan now early enough to ease the load, ask for help or gain some time out if that’s what you need”.

Sharon’s Fueled By Growth contributed article explains the importance of renewal during the Easter period and 5 Ways to Regain Control and Set Yourself Up For Success. The Easter period is a chance to use your power as a female leader to embrace Easter to achieve success, take care of yourself and remain relevant.

Read the full article: here.

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