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The importance of digital consistency

At Taurus, we value the ability to utilise social media to leverage the work that we do, building people, brands, and businesses. Social media runs deep through the roots of Taurus, as a tool that continues to surge and provide insurmountable value that creates and embeds the very meaning of a digital identity. Social media as a tool is not necessarily new, but it is continually growing and reaching new heights through platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and many more, leading to the key importance of recognising the ability digital consistency has to solidify your personal brand online.


Here are five effective ways digital consistency can develop a more beneficial impact to your social media and online personal brand.

Digital consistency is important to develop a clear brand identity

Maintaining a clear digital brand is established through consistency. Utilising a logo, colour scheme, font, brand personality and other brand elements aid in developing a unique brand. Digital consistency also refers to the content that the brand chooses to post. Selectively posting content that matches the brand’s expertise and interests will also provide digital consistency. Through aligning a brand with events, channels and influencers that support a brand’s values it can further strengthen a brand’s digital consistency.

Establishing a clear brand identity improves brand recall

One of the most important aspects of digital consistency is developing a clear brand identity to ensure the brand is instantly recognisable to customers. Brand recall is very important as it is the ability that customers have to name a brand with minimal prompt. Brand identity such as a logo and brand personality help to build this identity. Digital consistency reinforces this brand identity by strengthening brand awareness. This in turn establishes top of mind awareness in consumers. A brand’s aim is to be the first brand a customer recalls when they are searching for a particular product or service.

Consistency leads to having a strong brand which can aid in differentiation from competitors

Digital consistency and establishing a unique brand identity provide differentiation from competitors. A consistent brand maintains a clear perspective or value overtime. This provides the brand with a significant competitive advantage due to the evident differentiation. Differentiation can be established through product or service offering, design elements, values, personality and more. One of the most effective ways to create differentiation is through brand values. If a brand supports a cause and establishes the cause as the underlying message of the brand, this provides unique differentiation.

Digital consistency establishes credibility, builds trust with an audience, and strengthens the brand

A brand benefits if they have a loyal audience as it strengthens the brand. Trust, credibility, and transparency build this loyalty. Digital consistency is effective for brands to reinforce their values and positioning. When a brand creates value through producing consistent content without expecting anything in return, users are more likely to trust that brand. Thus, increasing credibility. If the content reaches the target audience and the brand fulfils their brand promise this increases transparency with consumers. Trust, credibility, and transparency lead to the creation of loyal brand advocates. These advocates promote a brand through word of mouth on social media platforms providing exposure and awareness for the brand.


If you’re in business, whether you realise it or not your brand is being searched, discussed, reviewed, and communicated online through social networks 24/7. TaurusSocial© advises you on every aspect of your social media presence, evaluates your brand, against the industry, what works, what to steer clear of, how to maintain momentum, stay relevant, and cut through. Contact us at [email protected] to see how we can help.

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